Oh The Drama, Oh The Phonies!

Posted September 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It’s NOT about governing,  NOT about running the country;
                                               – it’s ALL ABOUT the BLAME GAME!
Budget Battle
And the media gleefully does the dirty work of misinforming low-information voters.

Do you for a moment think Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi care about ordinary people having health care?  If they did,  their vehicle would NOT have been ObamaCare!

Do you think for a minute that Obama cares about anything beyond his legacy of ‘hanging tough – like Harry Truman’?

Folks, a ‘government shutdown’ – for a day, a week, – a month, or into 2014 would be a wonderful thing.

People would realize we don’t need government in our lives every day!

House and Senate Republicans trying to defund [or at least delay] ObamaCare are honoring their promises to their voters.  Dems want to brand them as racist and uncaring.

Because,  Obama and his Democratic Disciples have no accomplishments to run on in 2014,  – nothing they can take credit for.  The King has no clothes!   The economy still sucks,  and ObamaCare still weighs on it like an anchor.

Those bastards are counting on the BLAME GAME to get them re-elected.  Even better if they can pin the blame on any rising Republicans – like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand PaulThis cover-story needs villains!

The entire Obama pResidency has been a runaway freight train – in foreign policy,  in domestic policy,  on the economy,  and most visibly – on ObamaCare.  Obama and his goons have no regard for our Constitution – or for us.  One can easily find evidence that Obama and Holder actually hate Americans – even black Americans.

The few brave Republicans willing to stand up to Obama are doing exactly what our Founders intended – using the power of the purse as a check on an out-of-control king.

The media only worries about ratings;  – and every one of you reading RRB is not reading or watching MSNBC or CNN.  We thank you for that!

Hillary BuzzHaven’t you noticed the media already building up the Hillary inevitability myth?

That’s easy ‘journalism’ – no research or investigative reporting needed,  – just churn up the buzz machine…

BUT, by churning up the Hillary Buzz – they can fill air time and still avoid talking about Obama’s foreign policy disasters, and his domestic bullying.   Why, aren’t you far more interested in the wedding of a White House chef to a media person, – than say…Obama’s abject failure to deal with Iran,…or our $17 Trillion National Debt?

3 Responses to “Oh The Drama, Oh The Phonies!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Anything and EVERYTHING the empire of Obama the First does is geared towards distraction. The biggest reason the low information voters don’t react, in my opinion, is that they all have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the socialist entitlement model by their so called public school “teachers”.

    We need to “throw the bums out”, and I am not only referring to Obama and his minions in the senate. The Dept of Education and the EPA do our country absolutely NO GOOD. Then we need to get rid of all the sycophant czars that the dear leader has surrounded himself with.

    Then maybe, just maybe, we can start the task of returning our country to the following of our Constitution.

  2. Varvara

    Nancy and Harry can not understand what the rest of America goes through, they are simply too damn rich. Nancy is rumored to be worth $25M.

    As for not needing a government just look at Belgium. They went 585 days without a government, just so they wouldn’t have to seat Geert Wilders.

    The media are quite immature. They want to hold onto their jobs and will totally ignore anything that is not liberal.

    Hillary will not be president.

  3. Mark

    Ted Cruz, Thank GOD for Americans like him.