OFFICIAL: Racism ENDS In Boston!

Posted April 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The City has decided to END RACISM in the City of Boston;   they’re changing the name of that ‘racist’ street.

We weren’t consulted on the NEW NAME, – but we have a suggestion….

God knows – Boston has NEVER been a ‘racist’ town…

OK,…maybe a ~ little  anti-Italian and a ~ little ~ anti-Black, – – but not really ‘racist’ you understand…. Nobody got lynched….

6 Responses to “OFFICIAL: Racism ENDS In Boston!”

  1. Hawk1776

    Just %$*&ing disgraceful.

  2. Vic

    this house sho’ gone crazy.

  3. Ben

    I guess people forget the good things the man did for the city. Maybe we should just erase history and start all over, seeing we have clean slate with no discrimination. To be honest, i think the past may have been better.

  4. Leonard Mead

    Wow — change the historic street name of an iconic Red Sox owner and that “solves” a racist problem in Boston? Yeah, sure.

    Across the bay from us in St Petersburg, FL, they re-named the main public library after the gay muslim, Barack Hussein Obama.

    Probably the muslim terrorist book section will be enhanced before Obama is tried for treason and jailed.

    Then, probably, St Petersburg will have to re-name the library again. Maybe John Wayne?

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative, Apollo Beach, FL

  5. Kojack

    Good suggestion, Mike and symbolically reflective now that racism is out and radical iSLAM (long with radical mosques in Boston and Camebridge) is in.

  6. Blossom Stiefel

    Tom Yawkey deserves to have his name live on at Fenway Park. Since 1977, through the work of their Foundation, the Yawkeys have granted more than $450 million to hundreds of organizations, enriching the lives of thousands of people. They have donated to our major institutions and non profits, the Yawkey name appears on numerous buildings and hospitals in Boston, a testament to their amazing philanthropic work. Helping people in need for generations to come.

    Taking down our history will not improve racism, or wipe out discrimination.