Officer Kim Potter: A Lethal AA/EEO Failure

Posted December 17th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The only reason this kindly warm-hearted grandma could become a cop was because Carter,  – Clinton,  and Obama all wanted to win the woman vote,  – and “damn the consequences”!
Make no mistake;   Daunte was bound to die a violent death as a very young man.  If a drug dealer didn’t kill him,  – a drug overdose was bound to.   Or maybe a real cop would have filled his young chest cavity with lead the next time he resisted arrest….

Daunte Wright understood his life and his future far better than Kim Potter did.

His entire life was one of surviving violence and then inflicting violence to get what he wanted.

So when he was faced with “Officer” Kim Potter – his street instincts kicked in, – and he decided she wasn’t a real cop, – not someone he need respect or fear.  He brushed past her and attempted to drive away.

AND,  he knew something that Officer Potter didn’t; – – he had several outstanding warrants and if arrested he was going to jail.

Kim’s failure was that when on the street – faced with real thugs (and not safe classroom scenarios), fear kicked in,  and she reached – by instinct – for the weapon she was MOST FAMILIAR WITH,  – her service pistol.

These non-lethal tasers are relatively new in most police departments,  – and are best used by the 2nd or 3rd officer arriving on the scene.

To now be judging Kim Potter by the standards of a police officer who had a lethal moment of sheer panic and a lapse of judgment,  would be the same as trying a cub scout under the UCMJ – because he wore a uniform…

Kim Potter represents the inevitable and predictable failure of a fantasy world liberal policy.

She doesn’t deserve either a criminal conviction or prison time.  She may need serious medical help to live the rest of her life.

Society should shed no tears for Daunte Wright.  He just wasn’t a good person,  – certainly not a person deserving to live in a civilized society.

But in 2020 and 2021,   ‘society’ wants to see white police officers go to jail when Black thugs end up dead,  and they’ll not stop with Derek Chauvin.

The left and the anti-police communists will be giddy;   they get to put a white cop in prison.

They’ll call it “Justice”,  – when in fact it’s a travesty…

2 Responses to “Officer Kim Potter: A Lethal AA/EEO Failure”

  1. MC

    Iron Mike: As per your request for my opinion on Potter’s actions:

    I wasn’t completely familiar with this case but researched and now perplexed with her actions. Maybe because we traveled in one-man cars–not sure–but she did so many things I taught my trainees not to do.

    Potter basically killed this man for an expired tag. (Traffic stop for an air freshener & expired tag.) I wouldn’t doubt they saw the air freshener first (or it wouldn’t have been mentioned by the rookie). Later in the stop to find out about warrants. Weapon warrants and not calling for BACKUP. Why would anyone approach a vehicle again not knowing if that person might have retrieved a firearm. What would have been wrong with a felony traffic stop when backup arrived. If the man flees the scene prior-they had his information and additional charges could be lodged. If he flees – follow him.

    Complacency isn’t a word or action any law enforcement officer should have in their vocabulary.

    Back to your request. She definitely shouldn’t have been on the street in my opinion but she also might be a dingbat who didn’t know her gun from her taser when she panicked. Was she afraid to look bad in front of her rookie?

    Didn’t teach him anything did it?

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    America is now a much safer and better place; she having eliminated this piece of shit from the population….