Ocasio-Cortez: World ENDS In 12 Years

Posted January 22nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

NY City and Boston University must be SO PROUD!  Their young Climate Change Scientist is predicting the End of the WORLD!
The SCARY part….?  As a Member of Congress this twit gets a Security Clearance and CLASSIFIED Briefings….

WHO filled her head with this mush…?

I don’t think there’s a chance in Hell that Pelosi can keep this ‘genius’ under control…

10 Responses to “Ocasio-Cortez: World ENDS In 12 Years”

  1. Mt Woman

    The scary part is that in her reality, this is not hyperbole, it’s reality. When you begin all comparisons or reason with this absolute frame of reference, nothing else can be measured. It’s like armageddon will occur on Friday, so today we will discuss funding for border security. She’s outlandish and lacks substance, but has an audience and following which is frightening.


    AND,…she will have a growing cult following of young people and EBT Card couch potatoes…

  2. Vic

    To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth,
    We in the Colonies are so very sorry.
    We traded one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away.
    the United States of America

  3. Ben

    Whatever this girl drinks , we can only hope she does not spill it into our reservoirs , although by the sound of her audience she already has.

  4. Peter S

    Some smart and perhaps well intentioned people are getting snookered. All so Ally from the Bronx can pay off her BU school loans and then some. Let’s track her to see how long it takes to amass a cool 100 mil Pelosi money.

  5. panther 6

    The woman is a dunce of the first magnitude. Let her continue talking to the detriment of the entire demorat gaggle. She will, I hope self destruct shortly. All flame is fleeting and the more fame the quicker it goes!

  6. Sherox

    I read a poll this morning that 74% of left leaning voters and Democrats would vote her in for POTUS.



    She’s only 29 now – she’ll have to wait for 2024…..

  7. GreenBeretLTC

    …..getting crazier every day…..

  8. Kojack

    “WHO filled her head with this mush…?”

    I don’t think anyone filled her head with this crap. I think she makes it up as she goes along and then believes in her own fantasies. The fact that 74% of DEMOCRAPS and lib-TURDs would vote for this babbling idiot for POTUS is an indication of how incredibly stupid they are.

  9. Walter Knight

    Ocasio-Cortez ran on being a brown vagina from Brooklin. That’s all that mattered. Words don’t matter.

  10. Clinton ma Tea party

    I think if Cortez keeps stepping on Nancy Pelosi’s toes, she is going to get her ass chewed by the Democrats who are running the Cabal in the House. The one thing Pelosi is terrified of is losing her power to a young Socialist Democrat. Pelosi will have Cortez disappear from any media.