Ocasio-Cortez: “I’m The Boss!”

Posted February 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Scary thought, but New Yorkers are likely to keep reelecting this woman every 2 years until she becomes Speaker of the House….

Is there ANYbody back home in her 14th CD willing to run in 2020,  – and SAVE America from her daily nonsense…?

I don’t know whether to laugh,  smirk,  – or cry for my Young Republic; – – but right now SHE IS THE BOSS of at least HALF of the Democrat party!

7 Responses to “Ocasio-Cortez: “I’m The Boss!””

  1. Mt Woman

    This woman is crazy if not entertaining. However from my perspective as a conservative Republican, quite scary. She’s nuts but has a following!!! Her message resonates throughout the nation, making elder entrenched Dems sound silly and out of touch. The Dems need to reign her in, but won’t or can’t. She is dangerous to the Dem Party and if let loose, dangerous to the nation. WATCH OUT, we are going down the tubes to Venezuela, quickly!!

  2. Asusue

    Thank you, Mike

  3. Leonard Mead

    The last time such a similar “boss” prevailed on willing “useful idiots” they ended up in Jonestown drinking Kool-Aid.

    But none of AOC’s devoted followers probably know of or care about that dusty bit of history.

    Let her rant and dream on. It’s like ducks in a shooting gallery for conservatives willing to battle and shoot back.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative looking for ways AOC’s followers can actually be “educated” instead of fed fantasies

  4. Kojack

    Mike, I think she’s right, and I want to be the boss so I’m going to offer a better, forward thinking plan:

    I’m going to call my competing proposal the “Better American Deal”, BAD for short.

    1. Develop Transporter Technology which has been around since the Star Trek TV Series made it’s debut in the early 1960’s. This would enable us to eliminate all forms of mass-transportation in 3-5 years.

    2. Develop Force Field Technology for the whole country which was also introduced by Star Trek so that we would be protected from foreign threats such as ICBM’s and thus make the military obsolete.

    3. Force Field Technology will be applied to individual cities as well so that they will no longer be vulnerable to hurricanes, tornados or snow.

    4. Develop Personal Force Field Technology for self-defense so that firearms will no longer be necessary.

    5. Nobody has to work unless they want to and everyone will get paid the same whether they work or not. That will eliminate income inequality.

    6. The retirement age will be 45 for everyone, whether they work or not.

    7. All of our current buildings and houses will be razed and we will rebuild underground so that the environment is totally untouched and our energy needs will be dramatically reduced.

    8. Personal transportation will be limited to solar powered cars, bicycles and skateboards.

    9. Undocumented people will have preference over citizens for municipal or medical services.

    10. College will be free for everyone.

    We could accomplish all this for a measly $118T, only $25T more than ASS’s Green New Deal.


    Sir! Your ability to out-vision and out-plan ACO is second only to your ability to remain both civil and well-humored in the face of evil insanity! Well Done!

  5. Kojack

    BAD Update! On #10 we will pay anyone who wants to go to college!

  6. Tim Murphy

    I think the real danger of AOC and the Green New Deal may be
    that it pushes the Overton Window toward Socialism
    making others in the Democrat party seem less radical.

  7. Kilsyth

    AOC – keep talking. Please, please keep talking: all the way to November 2020.