Obvservations from a Romney Standout – What Was Missing?

Posted September 15th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

Today Mrs. RR and I helped at a standout in Chelmsford, MA for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning, sunny and 70 degs.  There were 7 corners at the intersection we were covering.  By the time we got there many were already holding signs.  The democrats showed no emotion or interest in what they were doing.  They were probably union thugs, paid to be there.

The Republicans, however, showed up with much more than signs.  Iron Mike (the stong half of this blog team) brought his bass drum, and an empty Obama chair.  Mike beats on the drum to attract attention, and has done so for many election cycles.  Today, however, the twist was playing the drum in a mock Indian drum beat, to which I would supply a chant and (sometimes) a small dance step to accompany it.  It really annoyed the Democrats.  From time to time we’d yell out about Fauxcahontas, or Liawatha, as Elizabeth Warren is generally known in Massachusetts.  This annoyed one Democrat in particular who complained that it offended him that we were doing this.  Mike didn’t stop.  🙂

Mike and I both handed out business cards for our blog, along with business cards for the www.oustobamacoalition.com  campaign.  I gave out over 35 such cards to cars stopped for the traffic signal.  We only handed them out to cars that had people that were interested in getting them by showing interest. 

All in all a successful standout.  We outnumbered the Democrats.  They lacked any form of enthusiasm, even for their inept professor, Elizabeth Warren. The professor who lied her way into most of her jobs.   Most of the cars that showed interest were in favor of Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan-Scott Brown-Jon Golnik campaigns that we were supporting.

So, what was missing?  There were no Obama supporters here.  Not on any of the 7 corners.  No signs.  No buttons.  Nothing.  Maybe they were all at home wondering where the Obama campaing went off the rails.  Was it when they screwed us in the Mideast and got our Ambassador killed?  Was it when they announced QE3 to spend even more money that we don’t have?  Was it when Obama campaigned continually in spite of the murders and riots in the Mideast?  Was it when Obama tried to deflect his problems in the Mideast onto Mitt’s campaign?

Actually, it was all of these.  There will be others.  They’re too inept to be able to go long without further gross errors.  rr

2 Responses to “Obvservations from a Romney Standout – What Was Missing?”

  1. Flick

    Looks like it’s Mitt’s to lose if this is the level of Democrat enthusiasm in Liberalville?

    Mike’s the best! Love to see videos of that dance!

  2. Tom

    I heard them complain as I walked out sight, we didn’t have any Obama signs to even the fight. Stay tuned next week.