OBummer Can’t Get No Respect!

Posted July 2nd, 2009 by Iron Mike

This will likely be a rough weekend for pResident OBummer.  He can’t get no real respect – and no love at all – anywhere!

He goes all the way to Cairo to make a speech he was just sure would warm hearts and minds across the entire Islamic world.  It didn’t!  In fact,  it offended many non-Arab Muslims.  And of course Iran’s stubbled shrimp – President Ahmadinejad – promptly demanded an apology for meddling.  No respect there.  He began using deadly force to suppress the election protesters.  People were seen dying on Twitter. 

Then, – to make things worse,  Hillary let it leak [see, the Clintons know how to work the system] that she’s had to spend two whole days telling OBummer to check his sack – to see if he actually had a pair – before our TelePrompter finally summoned the courage to make a real statement.  Too late,  protesters dead in the streets, – crowds gone home, and the story pushed off the front page by Governor Sanford and the Cap-&-Trade bill.

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel comes to town, – but damn, – she’s not buying any of the bullshit either.  Tough to sell smoke and mirrors to people who’ve actually lived through the aftermath of Hitler!

Next the pro-democracy military in Honduras dumps their own home-grown version of OBummer.  They toss President Manuel Zelaya on a one-way flight out of the country and tell him to take up living elsewhere.  Manuel was wanting to overturn Hounduras’ version of the 22nd Amendment, and become socialist ruler for life.  So while the coup wasn’t the best face of democracy in action,  the military thought it was preferable to a Hugo Chavez version of socialism.  Hillary,  Paneta, and OBummer were all caught off guard.  O-Bummer!

To usher in this weekend,  North Korea’s deranged little Chia-gnome Kim Jong Il just sent OBummer a little help with his National Health Care program.  He just fired off four short-range “suppositories” into the Sea of Japan.  I’m betting he’ll fire a long-range one toward the mid-Pacific – somewhere ~ near ~ Hawaii – sometime on Saturday.  The Chia-Gnome likes his headlines just as much as our own TelePrompter-in-Chief.

So where is a narcissist going to find adoring worshipers in times like these?  Town Hall!!  Let’s hold some “town hall meetings” on National Healthcare,  and refocus the lemming’s attention away from those icky foreign problems or the free economy that my government “bailouts” and takeovers are busy ruining.  Just be sure it’s only fans, worshipers, and sycophants you let in though.  No surprise real questions.  Hug a lady with cancer,  and use her as a prop to sell your snake-oil.  That should buy me some time. 

Probably time to start interviewing for a new Press Secretary.  Helen Thomas is already eating Robert Gibbs’ lunch each morning, – and now it’s on the blog sites.  Is Dan Rather available?  Maybe Connie Chung or Walter Cronkite? 

Flash of BRILLIANCE:  “I know – soon folks will have used up their 26 weeks of unemployment, and they’ll fall off the rolls.   I’ll tell people that I’ve already turned the unemployment picture around.  Brilliant!!  I can sell that, right?   Mirror Mirror – on the wall, – who’s the smoothest liar of them all?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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