OBummer and the Cambridge Police

Posted July 23rd, 2009 by Iron Mike

A Harvard professor returns from an extended trip to China, finds his front door stuck, and seeks the assistance of the cabbie to force it open.  Somebody watching the fuss called 911 about an attempted break-in.  Sgt Crowley, on duty in the area – gets the dispatch call.

What Sgt. Crowley could not have known as he answered that call is that he would encounter Professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. – Harvard’s head of African Studies – where he has made an entire career of pointing the racism finger, – and getting paid handsomely for it.

So Crowley arrives to find the door open and a black man standing inside – with a backpack.  He demanded ID.  Gates’ first reaction was to see himself as yet again the victim of white police profiling, and he refused to provide his ID.  It is generally a poor idea to fail to provide a cop with ID when they’ve answering a burglary call at your home.  Unless you’re already thinking “ . . . how can I spin this up a notch or two?

Soon it was Prof. Gates demanding Crowley’s name and badge number, accusing him of racial profiling.  Could any other words have come from these particular lips, – like ‘Thank you Officer for your rapid response and for protecting my home’?  Naah, – not from this particular Ivy League version of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. 

So eventually ID is produced, and Sgt Crowley is departing.  But Gates won’t leave it alone.  He follows Crowley down the front steps, – ranting racism and demanding Crowley’s badge number.  He intends to make this a big deal! [Activists need to be current victims to get camera time.] He gets himself arrested. [Mission accomplished.]  And soon the shit hits the national fan.

It takes the Cambridge PD about a day to sort things out.  They issue a statement and drop all charges.  Not enough for Gates,  he wants Crowley’s personal apology.  And the politicians start chiming in.  Cambridge’s Black Mayor Denise Simmons expressed disappointment that the PD had “overreacted”. 

So how does all this affect the 44th pResident of the White House?  Answer:  it shouldn’t!  Not ever, – not even if OBummer and Gates are personal friends.  This is a local police matter – without damage or bloodshed, and there is an entire system of local and state institutions that will rehash the details and find a just [or political] conclusion.  Boston and Cambridge have hordes of personal injury attorney’s panting at the ready line.

Think back quickly to the long election year 2008, – and the number of times police unions were seen across this land standing behind Candidate OBummer.

Last night on his Prime Time National Press Conference our inexperienced but ever-narcissistic  OBummer managed once again to fall [leap] into the amateur trap – saying the Cambridge PD “acted stupidly”.   Once again, – with NO WAY to be in possession of all the facts,  The MEssiah has placed himself squarely in the fray.  Amateur hour – in prime time!

Thinking presidents don’t fall into these traps.  Thinking leaders – in all venues – reserve comments until the facts are in.  Know-it-alls make snap judgments.

Narcissistic would-be dictators insist on micro-managing all walks of life, and all sectors of their domains.  So OBummer couldn’t contain himself.  And he wasn’t about to let an old friend steal his TV airtime.

MY HUMBLE PROGNOSIS:  OBummer is now revealed as a rank amateur in the task of being presidential.  We’ll see more ill-considered blustering.  Gates will get some talk-show interviews and probably collect $200-300K in appearance and speaking fees.  He will likely sue Sgt. Crowley, the Cambridge PD, and the city of Cambridge, – over an arrest that his own racial overreaction generated.

Gates, who enjoys a cushy Ivy League career and salary, a Black Mayor, a Black Governor, and a Black President, will claim that somehow he was profiled, victimized and forever damaged by a racist white cop responding to a 911 call of a possible burglary at his home.

Sergeant Crowley will endure the public spotlight for awhile, – probably lose a deserved promotion, but will continue faithfully defending and protecting the citizens of Cambridge, – even that city’s most outspoken racist citizens.

Cops across this nation – of all colors and all political persuasions – should rethink their personal support of OBummer,  – since it is clear that OBummer will not even give them the benefit of the doubt in the future, – but will hijack any issue without thinking – for his own self-aggrandizement. 

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

6 Responses to “OBummer and the Cambridge Police”

  1. B Howell

    The photo in the Boston Herald showed 3 police officers, one of whom seemed to be a person of color. Maybe some one should ask his opinion. As a person who has a retired police detective, NYC, 911, in the family I would gather all the facts before I told the world that this police officer ‘acted stupidly’.

    I agree with you, Mike, that the professor is looking to do a few talk shows and perhaps write a book to augment his income.

  2. KC

    There is an important question this brings out; Why would Obama, why would Deval make statements like this before they get the facts? What do they have to gain? Or could this be simply the undertones of black against white racism showing its ugly head? It appears racism is alive and well in the oval office, the corner office and the hall of Harvard. They should all be charged with hate crimes.

  3. Kris

    If I may chime in here…..I AM a former Police Officer, and from what I do know, the call was dispatched as such; “Two black men with backpacks are breaking into the house next door.” OK…..my first thought upon arrival, and finding a door open/ajar, (and from what I’ve read damaged by the home owner himself, when he couldn’t gain entrance, went in through the back, or so I’ve read) and a black male WITH a backpack, (mind you the cops have no idea that the homeowner is just returning home from a trip to China!) so far, as a cop, the hair on the back of my neck would be up……the original callers’ info is right on the money!
    Then the “suspect” IDs himself, but has to re-enter the home for his ID, and has some sort of “attitude.” (this reported by neighbors, along with both the officers statements AND some comments by the “Professor!”
    Instead of being grateful of a rapid response, (I doubt the response would be so rapid in say….Dorchester, or Roxbury.) He berates the cop who SHOULD have his own adrenelin pumping, and puts them in a “No win.” If they allow him to create a disturbance/breach of peace, and disrespect the officers in such a manner, they lose! I would’ve questioned Gates’ mental status at that point, I mean, as a cop, I would’ve been there to protect his property, and this is the thanks I get? Perhaps the reasons he was asked out onto the porch was to ensure A. he was not being held against his will (I mean….the report stated there were TWO suspects……where was “bachelor #2?” B. he would not be within reach of the numerous items that could be used as weapons in anyone’s home. C. the cop WAS trying to affect an arrest here….ONLY the cop knows what his thought process was at the time.
    It certainly appears to be a blatant case of someone searching for the headlines…..not much else makes sense. And for my commander in chief to spout off like he did, without knowing the facts??? Just irresponsible and in my opinion, a libel suit should be pursued. The president basically labeled this Sgt. Crowley as just a stupid, racist white cop!!! Hmmm……..SO many things could be said here, none of it pretty, and none of the name slinging will cure these problems.
    Good read on this issue Mike…….I think you hit it head on, so the surgery couldn’t have effected the blood flow to your brain! Hope you feel better!

  4. sue ettwein

    Mike, you forgot to mention that there have been 9 previous house breaking incidents in this neighborhood THIS YEAR. This guy should be thanking the cop instead of telling him to “beg my pardon and I would forgive him”. Is that a threat? If the cop doesn’t “beg his pardon” the prof. is going to what? Sue him, sue the Cambridge PD? Sue the city of Cambridge? Or have some of Obama’s Chicago goons come over and make the cop an offer he can’t refuse?

  5. Tom

    This is just the begining,give it a year & it will be 10 times worse

  6. Beverly Mangone

    This is definetly reverse discrimination and I personally am getting sick and tired of it. We have elected a black man President, we have a black man as our Governor, and yet the two of them seem to be putting all the work that Martin Luther King did for so many years, back hundreds of years. God forgive you for what you have done to the black race instead of making things better for your people, you have set them back, you have stirred up old hatreds, and addes new ones that never existed, I have heard words used in my home that were never ever used, and it breaks my heart as I am sure it breaks the Lord’s heart to see what His children are doing. Martin Luther King did not want this, this is not what he campaigned for, what he wa sbeaten and went to ail for. May God forgive you for setting your people back as you have done, and the damage you have done to your country. For what selfish gain? Power? I don’t understand? I do hope it was worth it, because surely in the end you will not get away with this. God has the final say, and He is a just God.