Obnoxious Fake Feminist Jennifer Nassour

Posted May 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

This woman – a lawyer? – who was Chairwoman of the MassGOP for too many years – demonstrates precisely why Republicans number just 11% in this once-important state.
Jennifer Nassour Never Trump
Snarly B-I-T-C-H says she’ll stay home on election day…
Caution Folks,  – some of her comments are really sickening!

I’ve got to hand it to Geoff Diehl, – a real Republican – for sitting calmly there next to that traitor.

Back when she was first elected as MassGOP Chairwoman, – her first act was to make a peace treaty with the gay magazine Bay Windows….

.somehow she thought gay people here would suddenly vote for Republicans…?

It was Republicans and Libertarians with a mindset like Nassour’s – who stayed home in 2008 and again in 2012 – who gave Obama two terms to damage our country.

Now – because she doesn’t like some of his language,  – she’ll stay home and let Hillary continue the destruction…?

Baker Tisei 2010A little BACKGROUND Folks…..

It was back in 2010 when Charlie Baker was planning his first try for Governor,….Jennifer was going around bragging to people that he was going to run with HER as his LtGov.

We nick-named her “Party Chair Barbie“.

Then he picked Richard Tisei – an openly gay state senator….

Deval Patrick was easily re-elected….

Jennifer,  you’re a bitter,  snarly,  back-stabbing BITCH,…

and you were N-E-V-E-R a Republican!

If the Milton, Mass law firm of Consigli and Brucato, P.C., sees fit to hire Party Chair Barbie, – – you ~ might ~ want to reconsider carefully before letting them represent or defend you.  Just sayin’

12 Responses to “Obnoxious Fake Feminist Jennifer Nassour”

  1. Hunter556

    Where do I contact this POS who claims to speak for me, yet who I never voted for.


    Google her – she lives in Charlestown…..

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    Obviously this Pro lesbian establishment rino has never been for any Republican cause. She has always been for Hillary Clinton and the same with Governor Baker and Karen pulido. But it’s funny they want us to go out and support all their Grassroots candidates who are advancing the liberal agenda and their March towards hell. The days of the establishment George HW Bush are over time to put up a tombstone. Semper Fidelis

  3. Mt Woman

    Ironically, Gov Charlie Baker has been singing the same “never Trump” tune as Ms Nassour. My question to Charlie, what would you have done in Nov 2014 if the conservatives who were solidly behind Mark Fisher stayed home, saying, “never Baker”. As the MA Republican governor, you should be stepping up as a true leader of all Republicans to lead the way. Your immature behavior and attitude is the same as Ms Nassour,imbicilic and silly.

  4. Jim

    You people are fucking nutbags. Coming from a REAL Republican.

  5. Hunter556

    Sure is friendly with mayor walsh.

  6. Jim Gettens

    Yep, I remember snarky, RINO, Party Chair Barbie very well–the Booted Bitch in Short Skirts who always looked like a French Tart rather than projecting the image of a sober, down-to-earth, mature MassGOP representative. She’s a complete hypocrite and should register as a Democrat along with Gov. Charles D. “Bathroom Bill” Baker, Jr., Richard “Highway Rest Area Commando” Tisei, Lt.Gov. Karyn “Stanley Rosenberg Nuptials” Polito, Rep. Brad “The Toad” Jones, and all the rest of MassGOP’s incompetent and ineffectual insiders/traitors.

  7. Hawk1776

    This state became primarily Democratic beginning when Kennedy was elected President. The Dems seized the moment and haven’t looked back. This woman may not have been a stalwart conservative, but blaming her for the Republican’s problems is silly. As long as enough people want something for nothing the Democrats will prevail.


    I blame the series of them,…Torky, Barbie, Runty, and now the Mouseketeer,…for all FAILING to espouse Republican Principles and for FAILING to stand up for Republican values.

    The MassGOP is infamous for discouraging good conservative candidates – even going to great lengths to sabotage them – often in favor of RiNOs.


    as it stands today the party sucks and needs to be reformed, it does not anymore represents my core values. I am without any party affiliation. Both parties have drifted left and only the Constitution stands in the way of our complete destruction

  9. corsair1021

    These RINOS always want us to fall in line, but they are saying now they would rather have Hillary. They are nothing but liberal sympathizers, nothing more. They want to capitulate and lose the Supreme Court for generations. Sick !

  10. LeoThe Lion4

    A by-product of the Trump ascendancy is the manner in which it has laid bare the battle lines in the internecine warfare between elitists and populists that has characterized the GOP, both in Massachusetts and nationally, for the past several decades.

    We always knew that people like Richard Tisei, Bill Weld, Ron Kauffman, Charlie Baker were selfish RINO elitists who took from the system and the Party but never gave back. But now that Trump, the Blue-Collar Billionaire, has flushed out the membership of the Political Class, will “we the people” ever look the same way again upon so-called “conservatives” like Lindsay Graham, the editorial board of National Review, “Mitt” Romney, Paul Ryan, George Will, Bill Kristol, Glenn Beck, the Bush Family, and many other “deep cover” establishment figures who turned out, in the final analysis, to be no different from and no better than the RINO establishment they had heretofore opposed?

    I won’t.


    WELL SAID Sir!

  11. Sherox

    This reminds me of a video that I was turned onto a few years ago featuring Jennifer Nassour

  12. JimBuba

    Oh, “Its on the WebSite. Do you Tweet? Did you get the EMail?”

    To her credit though, Dead End.

    “I’m a Lawyer”

    She changed it alright. We’ve moved to a different way. From losing a good fight, to losing every fight. The DeVito/Kauffman method is working just fine.