Oberlin College Will Pay Dearly!

Posted June 8th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It started the day after the 2016 Elections – three Black college kids were in the bakery,  – one was shoplifting, and he tried using a fake ID.  The owner’s son attempted to stop them.  The “Leadership” at this liberal college reacted with a liberal knee-jerk, – and decided the bakery – then in business 131 years was RACIST – and must be boycotted!

Today a jury awarded the Gibson Family $11,000,000 compensatory damages, – with the punitive phase due to resume on Tuesday.

The cost to Oberlin is far more than the $11 Million,  – more that what could be an award of $33 Million in punitive damages,  – and more than their legal fees.

To any thinking adult parent of a college-bound teenager,  they look like high school level knee-jerk know-it-alls – who reacted to just part of the story, – – and in the midst of the Liberal Anguish over Hillary losing, – assumed their local institution suddenly deserved to be boycotted and forced out of business.

Why send your kid to a school run by stupid people?

From Oberlin’s website….so very ironic:

At RRB we have to question the strategy of Oberlin using a Black attorney to defend itself against charges of intimidating and bullying a 4-generation family business over an issue which allegedly was caused by white racism….

Did they think somehow Attorney Holman’s black face would garner jury sympathy?  Or are they just THAT committed to AA/EEO,  even with their reputation and a HUGE AWARD on the line…?

Maybe the College calculated that they are BIG (for that area) and have a lot of people on their payroll,  – and that would equal sympathy….

Maybe the jurors could see that the Gibsons are a thoroughly decent and typical American Family who never deserved the biggest employer in town trying to run them out of business – over a racist lie.

The punitive phase of the trial resumes Tuesday.  Punitive damages can go up to 3 x times the actual damages….and are meant to send out a message.  Check back…

The College will almost automatically appeal the verdict – hoping to have it drastically reduced…

UPDATE:  Thurs, 13 June 2019  Oberlin College must pay Gibson Bakery $33.2 Million in Punitive Damages after telling students to boycott the business over alleged racial profiling, – which wasn’t true.

Stopped by, met them, thanked them for standing up for ALL of us. Wonderful decent family. Perfect American Patriots.

UPDATE:  Mon,  29 July 2019 Oberlin College LOST the case in court, – now they’re refusing to PAY UP!  Liberal scum!


3 Responses to “Oberlin College Will Pay Dearly!”

  1. panther 6

    Oberlin has a history of support to Blacks in that the northern end of one segment of the Underground RR ended there just short of Lake Erie. For what it is worth the VP and Dean of Students looks like a hard case who would elicit no sympathy from this former Ohioan. Oberlin shot from the hip on this one and got hit in the foot.


    Grieving Hillary’s ignominious loss, they got caught up in the liberal swirl, – and never examined the FACTS.

    In that moment they ceased being a worthy institution of ‘higher education’, – and became just another left-wing diploma mill. Now they’ll pay – in many ways.

  2. Hal Shurtleff

    My ancestor General Giles Shurtleff, who formed Ohio’s first all Black Civil War regiment in the Civil War, was a student and then a professor at Oberlin. He was a friend of Rev. Charles Finney. Giles and Finney would be disgusted with Oberlin today.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    More on the Oberlin thieves in Gibson’s Bakery: They plead guilty and had to allocute that they indeed committed the crimes, that Gibson’s was detention of them was justified, and that the detention was not racially motivated.

    How proud those Black students must be….


    Lost in the NOISE is the fact that Oberlin had admitted those three Black students – which means three more deserving kids DIDN’T GET IN!

    THEN they tried to pressure local merchants into agreeing to call the SCHOOL if there were other ‘incidents’ – instead of calling the POLICE

    The school’s policy was to give petty criminals “a good talking to”

    Can we say that ~ maybe ~ the Jussie Smollett outcome was begun at Oberlin?