Obama’s War

Posted March 22nd, 2011 by Jim Ettwein

Cindy and friend

it's a weighty issue

Remember those days when Cindy Sheehan protested with Code Pink on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Remember when they said these wars weren’t justified due to the non-existence of WMDs?  I’m sure any minute now we’ll see Sheehan and her Pinkos out there demonstrating against PresO and his war.

  After all, it’s long been known about Ghadafi’s WMDs… well, he only had one… and it was a 747 over Scotland. 

I’m sure PresO has a very good reason for invading Iraq.  I mean they violated a UN resolution.  Isn’t that enough?  17 weren’t enough to justify the Iraq war, but … ok, then, maybe it’s the UN coalition… oh, wait we had one of those for Iraq too… but, … ok, how about the Congressional resolution declaring war… surely he got that since Bush43 did for both Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2002).  Oh, ok, he didn’t see the need for it… and let’s just trust him. 

I’m sure he’ll tell us in the next few days why he did it.  Perhaps he did it to unite us.  Perhaps to demonstrate transparency.  Perhaps to show hope.  Or change.  Hmm… I wonder.  And I’ll probably keep wondering.  If you hear from him, let me know… I have to go back to work.  rr

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