Obama’s Ugly Options

Posted November 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike

His pResidential ship has hit a reef, and is taking on water.
He’s got to do something,…but what?
Obama Trail of Lies
As a narcissist and lifelong pathological liar, – his natural instinct is to blame others. His survival instincts tell him not to jettison cartel members – unless he can quickly make them dead – like gay choir director Donald Young.

During the October government shutdown he thought he was dealing from a position of strength – that he’d successfully shut the TEA Party down and cowed the Republicans in Congress. To an extent, he was correct.

But the bumbling rollout of the ObamaCare website makes him look weak, ineffective, and has exposed his nearly five (5) years of straight-faced lying.  Now HE is weak – and gasping for breath.

Thus his options are dire:

He can’t blame Bush or the GOP for his website failure.  He even hired a friend of his wife to build it,  – and they had THREE YEARS!   Anybody who has ordered an airline ticket or bought a garment from LL Bean understands his pet website is badly screwed up.

One option would be to fire Sebelius,…but she knows too much!Options
Or, using misdirection, – he could fire Eric Holder. But again, Holder knows too much!

Even his press prick Jay Carney probably knows too much.

He could resign, – just walk away into retirement on Hawaii… I don’t think his ego would allow it.

So I’m guessing he’ll create a distracting crisis – like an executive order on immigration.

Americans should be thinking about dumping all the guilty Democrats in the House and Senate – and impeaching his traitorous ass come February 2015.

7 Responses to “Obama’s Ugly Options”

  1. Tom

    Just about the only thing that can save the Republic is to maintain the House and win the Senate. Then impeachment proceedings could be successfully concluded and this treasonous liar could be tried and sentenced

  2. CA Girl


  3. Casey Chapman

    I agree with Tom. Get rid of Reid, Pelosi, Scummer, Durbin, and also Boehnner. I know he’s officially a Republican, but he sure doesn’t act like it. And——while we are at it—–let’s make sure McCain doesn’t get another term. He’s the biggest throne sniffer of them all.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Scummer should have read schummer. Darn spellchecker!

  5. Hawk1776

    The website is merely the font door into Obamacare. At the moment it’s very visible, but the ACA itself is infinitely more onerous than the website. The only good news is that the true character of Emperor Obama is being revealed – too late to help Romney but maybe it will help in the 2014 elections.

  6. Walter Knight

    Obama doesn’t care.

    The big payoff comes after he leaves office. Obama will make a fortune doing what he does best: running his mouth on the speaking tour. Everything else bores him.

  7. Kojack

    The campaign and election results in VA show that the dumbocrats and the establishment RiNO’s are incapable of critical or objective thinking and will only double-down in spite of everything that has occurred since the Islamic Marxist was elected in ’08. They would rather sink the ship of state and drown rather than change the status quo(from which they benefit) and save our republic. Apathy, entitlement, socialism, Marxism, un-assimilating foreign-born citizens(both legal and illegal) and the graduates of a PC revisionist history/participation trophy education are too integrated into our depraved society.
    Only a USSR type total collapse after which we pick up the pieces, a Pinochet style coup-de-grass by devoted military leaders or another civil war(lib-TURDs vs. conservative patriots) will save the country we know and love.