Obama’s Twisted Fruit Loop Priorities

Posted January 24th, 2015 by Iron Mike

No doubt about it – he will spend his last two years making a mockery of his office as he pisses off allies and curries favor with enemies.
Obama's Priorities

Obama is flying off to Riyadh [by way of India] to bow deeply to Saudi Arabia’s new aged King Salman.  And he’s taking Michelle with him, – a major affront to Saudi Muslim sensibilities.  We can only wonder how they felt watching him with the Fruit Loop Lady – GloZell Green.

Grotesquely un-Presidential moment

So will Michelle keep her head covered during the visit, – or will she be ‘in-their-face’ and display body parts?

Obama Glaring at Netanyahu

Meanwhile, – our one SINGLE steadfast ally in the entire Mideast gets threatened with retribution by the Obama White House Jew-hating underlings – if he DARES come and address Congress on the dangers of the Iranian nuclear program.

Iranian Nuclear Program

Can’t but help believe that Obama wants to see Israel obliterated just as much as the Saudis and the Persians do…

But the MEDIA will tell you the two greatest threats to life as we’ve known it are Global Warming and deflated footballs…

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