Obama’s Nightmare: Syrian Blood Ba’ath

Posted August 7th, 2012 by Iron Mike

If mad Nero fiddled while Rome burned, mad Obama is campaigning for higher taxes and re-election while the Levant burns.

Syria is coming unglued at the EXACT moment when Obama doesn’t need the obvious distraction. 

Worse – it’s highlighting his incompetence. He doesn’t have a clue about what to do. 

Vladimir Putin on the other hand does have a clue and a plan.  He’ll wait for the blood to clot – then move into the vacuum. 

The 42-year reign of the Ba’ath Party and the Assad family – father and son – is coming to an end. 

The Ba’ath Party [Saddam was a member] – is like an Arab Nazi party – socialism, expansion, all Arabs in one big country, anti-West and anti-Jewish.

They were unable to make the lives of their people better; – they fought a series of disastrous wars with Israel, they sided with Egypt, the USSR,  Saddam Hussein, with Hezbollah, the Iranian Twelvers, and Vladimir Putin.  With friends like these…

Now their peasants have guns.  Tyranny is being met with force.  The tyrant’s soldiers are being shot in the street – even as his generals defect to Turkey.

The media will ignore most of this  – they’ve had enough journalists killed in Syria already.  Nobody there is giving them any quarter. Easier to go to Tampa and Charlotte and write political puff pieces.

If he’s very lucky, Assad may live out his days in a Russian dacha.

More likely he and his wife will go like Mussolini, Ceausescu, or Gaddafi.  His stockpile of poison gas is unlikely to save him.  It is likely to get into the wrong hands

Syria has always been a forced amalgamation of tribes.  It is unlikely to hold together.  Everybody wants a piece – mostly Turkey, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Iran – through Iraq.  And the tribes all have old grudges to settle.

The so-called Palestinians will claim a piece, and they have guns too.

So the bloodshed won’t end with the ouster of Assad.  It will continue for several years – at best.

Right now it serves to remind us what happens when Democrats elect a clueless social agenda-driven empty suit

This is Jimmy Carter and the Iran hostage crisis all over again.  Only a LOT more people are dying.

Well done Democrats!  Do you really want to double down?


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