Obama’s Nightmare: Edward Snowden

Posted June 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

…an awareness of wrongdoing…”
A young patriot of unusual courage, …a fool,…or a traitor?
Edward Snowden

29-year old Edward Snowden sits in Hong Kong – and he’s just turned Obama’s world upside down.  He’s the ex-CIA / ex-NSA guy who has revealed to the world the extend of government surveillance [spying]on our own citizens.

Of course Obama wants him tried for treason!

In my day [1971] it was Daniel Ellsberg – who took a TOP SECRET copy of the Pentagon Papers – and sold them to the NY Times and the Washington Post.   The 7,000 page study was a revealing look at how our top military brass was looking at the Vietnam War – and other world threats.  It was priceless information in the hands of our enemy.  NOTE:  We LOST that war.

The government attempted to try Ellsberg for treason and espionage – but used a variety of clumsy and illegal methods to gather evidence. A judge tossed the case in 1973.

In 2010 it was Bradley Manning – essentially a sexually confused twit – who wanted to gain personal attention. He shared highly classified Defense and State Dept documents and e-mails with an on-line chat buddy – computer hacker Adrian Lamo who told WikiLeaks. 

Eventually some 750,000 diplomatic cables, emails, photos and videos – all highly sensitive to US and allied partners – were leaked. 

Some who viewed the Iraq and Afghan wars as ‘illegal’ – called Manning a hero.  He’s not – he put US and allied lives – including friendly agents and Iraqi and Afghan citizens in extreme peril.  Whole families will be murdered because of Manning.  He is being court-martialed as you read this.


It would be easy to lump Snowden in with Ellsberg and Manning – even with Benedict Arnold – just call him a fool and a traitor….

But is he?  He’s put no lives at risk.  He doesn’t seem to have sold out for money – or fame.

He is a former Obama believer who became dismayed and disillusioned at the sweeping and unchecked abuse of big government power.

Snowden says in 2008 he didn’t vote for Obama – but a third party [Ron Paul?], but believed in his promises.  “But Obama continued the policies of his predecessor.”

My analysis is that Snowden may be too decent a person to have been employed by the CIA, – and when he found himself working under a Booz Allen Dell contract at the NSA, – was overwhelmed by the scope of that operation – and the fact that the NSA built their Utah facility to STORE everything they collect.


So far, Obama has successfully blamed every screw-up on G W Bush

It has worked so well that ObamaDupes fully believe (1). his arms smuggling to Mexican drug cartels [aka Fast & Furious] started under Bush, and (2). the Benghazi Massacre was caused in large part because Bush and the Republicans in the House cut State Department funding…

Tin Foil HatJust a week ago if you suggested that the Obama Cartel was engaged in wholesale spying on your phone conversations, emails and internet activity – they’d accuse you of wearing a tin foil hat.

Well,…after 4½ years in office

We can only hope Snowden’s courage will bring forth other patriots who are sick to their stomachs and fed up with the abuse of our Constitution.

Snowden hasn’t given away any real secrets – just brought the truth out in the open.  No lives are at risk today – that weren’t already at risk a week ago.

Tsarnaev BrothersObama ~ may ~ claim that the program stopped terrorist attacks.

REALLY? It didn’t catch the Tsarnaevseven after two specific tips from the Russians

Either the Tsarnaevs didn’t talk on the phone or use email – OR – the program was focused on Conservatives, Republicans, and the TEA Parties.  

It’s for sure the NSA wasn’t listening to Libyan phone calls prior to Sept 11th 2012….  How come?

Some speculate why Snowden went to Hong Kong ; – that he ~ might be questioned ~ by the Chinese.  That’s a joke – because the Chinese already know everything young Edward does.  Hell, the bastards are on RRB at least 100 times a day – every day.  They read Pentagon emails in real-time.  We’re losing the cyber-war.

And Obama owns THIS too!

Obama and his enablers in Congress will claim “that Congress was briefed on every part of this program”.

FALSE! Congress got a broad-brush power-point overview that never went into the details, – AND NEVER EXPLAINED how THIS pResident would use it to spy on his political enemies.Shulman Lerner

For what OTHER REASON would IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visit the White House 157 times – and would Lois Lerner take the 5th?

The Obama dots are starting to connect themselves….

Afterthought: Across the globe there are dead members of the Gestapo, the KGB, the NKVD, the Stasi, the Savak, the Mukhabarat, and the Shuanggui, – who are all wetting their pants in their graves wishing they’d had the system of internal spying that Obama enjoys today…

4 Responses to “Obama’s Nightmare: Edward Snowden”

  1. Walter Knight

    Traitor and fool apply fine to Edward Snowden.

    Snowden says, “I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded.” Then, he moves to Communist China. LOL.

    Snowden says he chose China because, “They have a spirited commitment to free speech and the right of political dissent.” Oh really? I hope he stays in China. That alone will be punishment enough.

    Snowden’s complaint with the CIA is that America is “violating internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”

    The CIA going high tech to spy on our enemies is part of their job, no matter who is President. This is not about spying on the Tea Party. Snowden does not want us to use the internet to spy on anyone. Or, he was paid by the Chinese. We’ll see on that one.

    Either way, he’s an idiot, and America is better off without him.

  2. Casey Chapman

    He may be an idiot in some peoples’ eyes, but he did blow the whistle. Without which we would not have known about our entry into the world of 1984 in real life. Sad.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Hopefully Edward Snowden will be the first in a long list of whistle blowers to tell all about the corruption in this Administration. One incident after another comes up, it is always the same, we have one entity or another going after the American people. Because over the last few years, government has been focused on taking more and spending more, punishing hard work and going against what the American Dream represents. We the people must wake up before it is too late!

  4. Kojack

    I guess Snowden never heard of Mao or Tieneman Square. The Chicoms could grab him any time they want from Hong Kong…….it concerns me what secrets will he give up while they knee-cap him.

    None of these scandels will make the slightest bit of difference to the Obama-bot/LIV’s who are more concerned with their Obama phones and EBT cards than anything else and would continue to support him even if he his caught on video murdering children and drinking their blood.

    Between the 20M undocumented dumbocrats, the 40+ year dumbed-down revisionist history/diversity/participation trophy agenda in the public schools, rampant PC culture in the military and the sheer number of public sector employees/unions we haven’t got a chance except for a major event such as a 2nd civil war or revolution.