Obama’s Muslim Ring

Posted October 10th, 2012 by Iron Mike

It’s been there – hidden in plain sight …all along:

There is no God but Allah”.

And you thought it was ‘just a wedding ring’?

You were supposed to. Only other Muslims – who read Arabic and are raised in the culture – would recognize it.

Sort of explains the deep bow – doesn’t it?

Read Jerome Corsi’s full report on WND!


Explains Obama’s nasty attitude toward Israel too, eh?

He’s been wearing it for years, – years before being ‘married’.

The inscription – highlighted.  Yes, we have had our first Muslim president.

Do your own research – go google other pictures of our Muslim pResident.

3 Responses to “Obama’s Muslim Ring”

  1. Judy Nelson

    Will the 1% donate clothes hangers to women who will no longer be able to choose to have a legal abortion?


    Which women are you concerned about…

    – the rich women,…or

    – the poor pregnant women, …or

    – the very young women being aborted?

  2. Judy Nelson

    Mouth breathers. You have diverted your attention from a legitimate birth certificate to a ring?
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>————< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Excuse me Judy, but what exactly is a ‘mouth breather’?

  3. Hoss Parker

    Judy, Perhaps your a nose breather. Grinning… Either way, I’m sure your classified as a converter. That’s someone who converts perfectly good oxygen in to carbon dioxide. Stop wasting our natural resources on your illogical crap. Get a life. Oh that’s not your method of operation? I’ll donate the hanger you can use on yourself. Your obviously miserable mistake. You have a right to your opinion and so do I.