Obama’s Legacy: Already Killing Sailors

Posted June 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Democrat Party has always viewed our US Military as their test tube for social experiments.  Some worked, – others are proving a disaster!

We don’t yet know exactly what happened in the crowded waterway leading into Tokyo,  but somehow the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) got itself T-Boned by a Philippine container ship 3 x bigger.  The destroyer is a relatively agile ship with multiple redundant radars;  – the container ship is a huge lumbering hulkGuess who is automatically at fault?

For 8 long and highly critical years Obama’s priorities were AA/EEO – not seamanship or combat readiness. Now our weakened and ill-manned Navy has been embarrassed twice in the same week.

First we and the Japanese Navy spend days looking for PO3 Peter Mims – presumed lost overboard from the guided missile cruiser USS Shiloh.

This twisted young turd had spent the week hiding in the engine room.

Now ~ somehow ~ despite multiple advanced radar systems,  – the Fitzgerald crossed the bow of a giant container ship…..

What the FUCK is going on aboard our ships…?


1.  We’ve been recruiting the wrong kind of sailors….and

2.  We’re not doing enough real-world training,…all in a ‘politically correct’ social environment.

RRB sounded the alarm years ago when Obama promoted his Pygmy Admiral – who had only commanded an ocean-going ferry boat for 15 months, – over the heads of hundreds of more seasoned warrior-sailors,  – to the Navy’s #2 spot.

Training and command priorities were shifted to GAY PRIDE WEEK and Transgender Acceptance,…and any military leader not enthusiastically welcoming these “socially necessary changes” – was shit-canned. “Thank you for your decades of service – now walk the plank you homophobic old barnacle!”

But the signal from the White House and the new Social Pentagon were clear – we would rely on technology – not soldering or seamanship.

It was just last November when the Navy’s $4.4 BILLION Boondoggle went DEAD in the WATER while traversing the Panama Canal….and the ammunition for it’s main gunDOESN’T EXIST!  

The ship is toothless!

There were likely no lookouts posted at night on Fitzgerald,  – and whoever was manning the radars was likely nodding off,  – or worse,  texting somebody or posting to Facebook.

CRUNCH!   Oh Fuck!  

7 sailors missing – most likely overboard,  – and we’ll be damned lucky to recover all the bodies.  We won’t recover our embarrassment.

It’s hardly JUST the Navy suffering the Obama Legacy!

The Air Force continues to have severe problems with the oxygen systems aboard BOTH it’s F-22 and F-35 jet fighters…

The F-35 is supposed to go into service in three variants – AF, Navy, and Marines….but the oxygen systems in the first AF models keep cutting out, – leaving pilots in REAL DANGER of blacking out at high altitude – and crashing their $95 MILLION airplane.

Ridiculous?  We’ve had oxygen systems aboard military aircraft since World War II.

UPDATE   Sunday, 18 June 2017    More Navy Embarrassment…. How inept is this crew?  Those 7 sailors thought to be ‘missing overboard’ now appear to have been found drowned below decks.


UPDATE:  Thurs 17 Aug 2017   Commander Benson, his XO and his Command Master Chief are Relieved of Duty (i.e. FIRED!)

7 Responses to “Obama’s Legacy: Already Killing Sailors”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Don’t blame ZERO for this collision. It was clearly a bonehead play by the destroyer’s helmsman and officer of the deck. The ship to starboard had the right of way, which means that our destroyer is clearly at fault. The fault is compounded because the destroyer is far more maneuverable and nimble. See the maritime ‘Rules of the Road’: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Regulations_for_Preventing_Collisions_at_Sea

  2. Mike Rotch

    This happened on the current Commander-in-Chief’s watch. It’s his responsiblity.


    If Trump had ordered a naval action which failed, you would be correct that Trump owned it.

    BUT, this casualty falls in the category of routine naval operations, and as I tried to point out in the piece, Trump having been President and CinC for just 148 days – this happened in the Obama navy he inherited.

    Way to early to judge specifics, but as Mister Gettens points out, – a lot of the blame will fall on the watch officer, the helmsman, and the watch staff in the radar room.

    The bigger issue is that for 8 years AA/EEO issues – gay and transgender issues dominated DoD thinking and policy making – not warfighting, training, or readiness. In too many cases – and on too many ships – we have the wrong kind of people in place. We will see more avoidable accidents.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Marc

    During my final year flying for the Navy I received more sensitivity training than tactical training, and that’s no exaggeration.

  4. Panther 6

    All the Services are suffering from the 8 years of EEO and LGTBQ orientation – social engineering in our military has left us with folks who are PC but not very capable as war fighters. It will be very interesting to see who was at the helm; what the radars were reporting etc etc IF Mother Navy ever releases that info. I read where the commander just took over a month ago. That was long enough, the fault rests with him as to the accident. The fact that BOs leadership and sequestration along with fighting several wars has left us courting another Task Force Smith, AKA Korea, some where in the world. Folks in D C, principally from the demorat side need to wake up and get out of Trump’s way. Time to save the country.

  5. Mike Rotch

    Is there a physical or mental hurdle those people have to overcome to be in the Navy? Are they somehow deficient? Probably not. And even if, it’ll probably come out that there wasn’t a gay or transgender person commanding the vessel when the collision happened.

    Regardless, any business I’ve been a part of or run, if something happened on my watch, I owned it. To duck responsibility when you’re the C-i-C shows a complete lack of a backbone and really shakes my confidence in this guy. What else can we look forward to him blaming on someone else? He threw “the generals” under the bus when his first military action resulted in a few American KIAs. He won’t own anything. Don’t get stuck defending that kind of cowardice.

  6. Iron Mike

    Mike, try REAL HARD at separating your military experience from your obvious Trump hatred….

    If Trump orders a fleet into the Yellow Sea – he owns the results.

    BUT,…he doesn’t steer EACH SHIP PERSONALLY. He doesn’t fly each aircraft. And he sure didn’t change and lower STANDARDS for these past 8 years. Obama did that and we all have to live with the result until it’s fixed – which will take time.

    Obama gets a medal


    RRB was warning about Obama’s deadly decisions 3 years ago – and before…

  7. FLICK

    “War is Hell”. No room there for P.C., safe spaces and sex change operations.

    The military is NOT a business, it is NOT a liberal arts college. It is ultimately a life and death machine with no compromises or gray area, with real men and women needed to staff it. No room for snowflakes and those whose self-esteem needs a boost.

    I had to make a commitment to defend my Country unconditionally and defend the Constitution and I took that oath seriously.

    A big TY to those who joined with that in mind and are serving proudly. To the others who don’t have clue why they joined, move back to Mommie’s basement as soon as possible and stop jeopardizing everyone’s saftey.