Obama’s Legacy? “A Blood-Drenched Mess!”

Posted November 26th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Klavan v WhittleWhy Klavan doesn’t hate Obama, 

….and why Whittle does…

Some juicy red meat for American Patriots – 8-minute video below the fold.

Hat Tip: Miss Prim!

2 Responses to “Obama’s Legacy? “A Blood-Drenched Mess!””

  1. Mark

    Bill was holding back…….

  2. Marc

    What’s always been hiding in plain sight in the Obama administration is that the guy is a lifetime product of affirmative action. Forty years of affirmative action has led to this, a disastrous affirmative action administration filled top-to-bottom with incompetent affirmative action hires.

    Affirmative action has to go. People need to rise and fall on their own merit.