Obama’s Half-Hearted War Speech

Posted September 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

If he’d been defending a PhD thesis – he would have failed!  Most football coaches give better pregame speeches.
still calling them ISIL

This was a JV speech-writer’s most mediocre work – part sales pitch, – part vague promise of “no boots”, – part “NOT like Bush”, and part midterm electioneering.

I didn’t have my hopes up, so I wasn’t disappointed.

The ISIS goons are probably laughing. They may deliver a stronger rebuttal tomorrow.

So it is to be an air campaign [mostly American] – with inexperienced locals acting as the ‘boots’ – with laser designators.

As CinC – he FAILS by not applying the Principles of War.

He was deliberately vague about the Objective, – he hasn’t defined Victory, – he has telegraphed his tactics and his axis and method of attack, – and he has totally compromised Surprise.

I’m only ~ slightly ~ amazed that he didn’t specify at the outset the exact number of bombs to be dropped, the number of sorties per day, and the budget limits for the campaign.

He did brag about the 130+ missions already flown [into a very limited area] over the past month.

As one famous American general recently said – “…that is the number we should be flying each DAY!”

Yes, our Muslim sympathizer kept calling them ISIL, – thus still telegraphing his loathing of Israel.  You can rest assured the Israelis have taken full note.

Obama’s speech made one thing crystal clear to me: he is far more worried about his reputation and the possibility of a Republican Senate voting to impeach him next year – than he is about conducting this new campaign in the 1400-year war.

Tonight’ speech will not impress our troops. With Sergeant Tahmooressi rotting in a Mexican jail, – they know full well his compliments and words are just lip service.

He’ll still try to cut their pay, their benefits, their retirements, and run their fast-food stores off base.

Obama has a ton of work to do now, building a coalition, getting bases, laying logistical routes, and planning contingency operations. He hasn’t got a clue what that all entails, and neither do any of his AA/EEO advisory staff.

Pray for our pilots and our SF guys on the ground – for they are truly in Harm’ Way – from both ISIS and Obama’s bumbling.

Watch him now put an AA/EEO desk jockey general in charge…

Watch him FAIL to ask Congress for a declaration of WAR!

Watch Eric Holder get involve – demanding captured goons be given fair trials….

ISIS Goons

Democrats fell for HOPE and CHANGE.

Now they’ve got the absolute worst combination of:

Harry Truman pussy-footing and handcuffing MacArthur in Korea;

LBJ piecemealing troops into South Vietnam while spending hours every day personally planning pin-prick attacks on targets in the NORTH;

Jimmy Carter dealing with the Iranian ‘Twelvers’ who kept our embassy staff hostage,

– and Bill Clinton pussyfooting in Kosovo.

This is all US Political and Military History that Obama was too smart and too busy to ever learn about.

4 Responses to “Obama’s Half-Hearted War Speech”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The sad thing is, all the presidents you delineate above in what they did wrong in previous administrations, were smarter in military things that the current occupooper. I think he hates the military so much, he’s willing to humiliate them on the world stage. We need a strong military, not a pussified one. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to learn that the hard way. At OUR expense. Just a thought.

  2. Varvara

    ISIL = Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. This was the area before the State of Israel. This is a deliberate snub at Israel.

    I have mentioned in a previous note that 0bama has no one on his staff that remembers WWII or is/was in the military. I think if 0bama had experienced bullets flying at him he might not have changed the ROE.

    Let me know when you want to discuss Kosovo and Clinton, I have a lot to say about that.

  3. FLICK

    Finally, a chance for our
    Muslim-In-Chief to show his Community Organizer skills.

    I pray for our country to remain OUR COUNTRY.

  4. Sherox

    What shows who and what POTUS is was his deliberate refusal to call ISIS what they are Muslims. They are not extremists, but those who are faithful to their religion. What has POTUS not smoked to say that “no religion condones the killing of innocents?” I fully understand that according to the Qur’an that if one doesn’t believe in Islam and all that it stands for that one cannot be innocent so POTUS is choosing his words carefully, but any rational person is going to understand what POTUS is saying differently than what is clearly stated.