Obama’s Foreign Policy In Flames

Posted August 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

The “New Pharaoh” misjudged, Hillary bungled and lied, our people were murdered, thousands are dying, and America’s image is reduced to a bad joke.2009 New Pharaoh
Inside of 4 years the government of Egypt has fallen –
TWICE – and each time Obama and his cartel of new world socialists have NO CLUE….
June 2009 Egypt
Hosni Mubarak
had become a reliable ally – was working to keep the peace, had aided us in 2 wars; – WHY did Obama toss him under the bus?

WHY did the Obama Cartel like Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood [terrorists in suits] better than Mubarak?Hillary Backs MB Dictator 
Once again – our Nobel Prize Winning [for not being G W Bush] pResident is golfing on Martha’s Vineyard – as the gateway [Suez Canal] to Middle Eastern oil is aflame.

2013 Golf

Now the Generals who tossed Morsi into house arrest won’t even take Obama’s phone calls. They’ve got work to do, – and they know their lives are at stake.  AND – they know Obama is NO FRIEND!
M113s in Cairo

The Middle East is the single place on all the earth where grudges and hatreds last between 1,000 and 6,000 years…. You don’t send amateurs to do foreign policy, and you don’t play petty political games by risking tens of thousands of lives.  But the Obama Cartel – did JUST THAT! 1000+ years of hatred

MEANWHILE….You’re supposed to be ‘offended’ by a rodeo clown in an Obama mask. Are you?  

They’re betting that you’re just that stupid!T-Shirt pResident
WHO can Obama blame for this mess?

Not the GOP, – not House Republicans, – not the TEA Party, – not the Big Banks and Big Insurance Companies,… WHO?  Might he…blame…Hillary?

4 Responses to “Obama’s Foreign Policy In Flames”

  1. Walter Knight

    It’s just as well that Obama has no influence in the Middle East. He can’t be trusted to pick the right side, anyway.

  2. Varvara

    Did you notice the APCs are brand spanking new? No battle scars yet. That will change shortly.

    I sincerely hope there are people in other countries who read RRB and understand that 0bama makes his own mistakes and we don’t agree with him.

  3. Casey Chapman

    And did anybody else notice? They were Offended when it was the Islamic Brotherhood who got tossed out on their collective ear? Especially McCain, it seams. OMG! We can only hope that who ever succeeds Obummer will be able to mend fences with all the other countries.

  4. Kojack

    Obysmal wanted the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt over a reliable ally because Barack HUSSEIN Obama IS a Muslim himself. Same goes for Libya.