Obama’s Expendable Kid Pawns

Posted June 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

We see the depths of his cynicism and depravity at a Border Patrol station in Nogales.Obama's Manufactured Crisis
He’s using kids in a psychological warfare game – to break the will to resist of the anti-amnesty forces. He doesn’t care if these kids are ever reunited with their parents.

Like all of his escapades, – it may take weeks, months, or even years for us to learn the operational details. But we will….in time.

Our Unsecure Border

Meanwhile, Obama has cleverly engineered a flood of children from Central America – coming up through Mexico [where they are unwelcome] to cross our border and seek ‘asylum’ – from the “bad conditions and violence” where they were born.

Next he will let the sob stories leak, – to his favorite media outlets – knowing Americans always have a soft spot for kids.

But as kids are seen sleeping on the floor – dirty, – poorly fed, and unshowered, – ask yourself a few basic questions….


Has he called out FEMA?

Has he called in the US Army – with Fort Huachuca just 35 miles away? Fort Huachuca is actually closer than Nogales for the buses coming in from Texas.

Has he called for help from any church group?


Cloward and PivenWhat is really going on?


Overwhelm the system until it breaks down – and the only solution is the Socialist one…




3 Responses to “Obama’s Expendable Kid Pawns”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Just as the unaccompanied children flow unchecked across our Southern borders, we hear nothing from the Child Kidnapper in Chief. All of this to satisfy the advocates of amnesty and “Immigration Reform”.

    Thousands of miles to the East, the Iraqi Shiites are being over run and are fleeing their homes for their lives. The ISIS made up of violent Islamist Terrorists from Syria and Iran. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have in where to go but the Southern desert. The Western cities are falling like dominos, the Iraqi army and police joining the fleeing refugees. Baghdad is next and the oil fields will be overrun, the price of oil will continue to rise. We were told that the war in Iraq was over and done. What do we hear from the Nationa Security Team and the president?

  2. Varvara

    0bama is really upset (read pissed) with the Gov. of AZ, Jan Brewer. That’s why these kids are in the state of AZ, not a Fort. These children have brought chicken pox, scabies and fleas with them. The detention centers have plastic houses which pass as toilets, no running water to wash their hands. They complain about the food and we are told the food is making them sick. Read, we gave them poor food.

    Also, these ‘children’ have been coached on how to complain. Not all are 4-6 years old. There are a number of large teenage boys, 16-17 years old.

    He could bring in the National Guard to help process or return these future Dumbocrats.

  3. integrity 1st

    And, the risk to all these children for making the trip has got to take some toll. Are there kids lost and dying along the way while Obama allows this to continue? Obama and his policies have now created the profitable industry for criminals to handsomely profit by risking kids’ lives to illegally cross the border and come here. This would STOP immediately if the borders were sealed forthwith, and shut down this whole business.