Obama’s “Dreamers” Keep On Killing

Posted October 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Remember back when Obama and his cartel called them “Dreamers”,  – describing decent kids who just wanted an education and a chance to stay in America?
You were a “RACIST” if you objected to any part of the scheme.

But now we’re paying the price – in BLOOD.   Another ‘Dreamer’ has murdered a young woman – damn near killed two of them.

Daniel De Jesus Rangel-Sherrer – age 19 – with a gang tattoo on his young neck – managed to kidnap two young women – get them into the woods in Easley, SC last week.

One escaped – he killed the other.  She was just 18 – a high school junior.

Killing the two girls was likely part of his gang initiation…

So Obama goes around the halls of money and power giving paid speeches,  – likely having a book ghost-written for him,  and his cartel of loyal 21st Century one-world socialists are all trying to stop Trump’s wall and his order ending DACA.

There are maybe 800,000 “dreamers” out there – not all killers,  – but all here illegally…

We have to ask:  How many more dead bodies Democrats?

After a mass shooting like done by madman Stephen Paddock in Vegas,  the Left wants to ban and confiscate your guns…..

With evil illegals roaming our streets and highways,  – are you ready to surrender your weapons,….or go buy more?

3 Responses to “Obama’s “Dreamers” Keep On Killing”

  1. hddan

    Option #2, buy more.

  2. Catherine

    With rampant evil stalking our streets, Option #2 is the ONLY one that is sensible.

  3. Kojack

    The whole “dreamer” thing is so flawed on it’s face. What makes a group benefiting from their parents’ crime better than any other group and only in the mind of a lib-TURD do the dreams of ILLEGAL ALIENS take precedence over the dreams of Americans and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. THROW THEM ALL OUT!!!