Obama’s College Trick Unfolding

Posted August 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Screwing your kidsMiddle-class Affordability” 
 means something
VERY different.

Obama LOVES twisting words and meanings. He’s doing it again. The devil is in the details of how he plans to make college more affordable.

First, remember back during the 2008 election campaign, – the discussions about what income level qualified you for the ‘upper 1% or 2%’? Remember that the discussion was between $300K and $500K per year?   Well,…forgetaboutit!

Now, you’re one of Obama’s hated rich if your family makes more than $60,000/year.

And he plans to ‘fundamentally change‘ who gets into college, who gets through college, and what a college diploma is means.

[After all, if he got to be a US Senator and the pResident based on shitty grades, – what do mere grades really matter?]

His plan in brief:

Reward colleges who admit more poor kids – even if they’re not academically qualified for college.

PUNISH colleges that consider only grades and test scores to admit kids. [He thinks rich kids have an advantage here.]

Reward colleges that graduate a higher percentage of poor kids.

PUNISH colleges that do not increase graduation rates for poor kids.  The underlying message here is that colleges will be expected to lower standards to insure poor kids coast through and graduate.

Place the COST BURDEN directly on TAXPAYERS,   by using Pell Grants which students do not have to repay – EVER!   Why encourage responsibility?

So you and I will be paying for….a federally managed college system stuffed with under-qualified poor students – being fed a watered-down curriculum,  – and graduating under-qualified with a meaningless degree, – AND expecting immediate entry into professional level employment – probably government jobs.

And I bet he’ll have Eric Holder sue any college or university – public or private – that won’t go along.

So much for being competitive with China – who has more ‘A’ students than we have total students…. 

Notice how everything Obama talks about ends up in class warfare?  How much more proof do you need that he is a communist?   

Do you understand that under his system poor illegals will get preferential [and FREE] college admission, – over your ‘privileged’ kids?

2 Responses to “Obama’s College Trick Unfolding”

  1. Walter Knight

    Student loans are forgiven if the student goes to work for the government, or certain not-for-profit organizations.

    Everything Obama does, from cash for clunkers to student loans, is about redistributing the wealth. It’s disguised reparations. Obama still blames slavery for perceived inequalities of today. He does not believe anyone in America can make their mark in the world with hard work.

  2. Casey Chapman

    communism, plain and simple.