Obama’s Chinese Navy On Parade

Posted March 29th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Chinese built their blue-water navy on their US trade imbalance,  – while Obama smiled and pretended it didn’t matter.

Last week President Xi dispatched them for a little cruise,  – and a photo-op for the world to see.  Featured is their old soviet carrier the Liaoning,  which they’re learning to operate efficiently.

President Xi is proving that he is the multi-tasking master.  As he sent his navy to have their picture taken, he was hosting the NorK runt dictator – who’d come begging for help feeding his army, – and standing up to Trump.

Xi made Kim feel good,  gave him the same honor guard review he gave Trump.

Note Xi’s face – totally bored on both occasions…..

The 40 ships which escorted the Liaoning on her photo shoot should have sent military and diplomatic tsunamies crashing on foreign shores,…but in your news you heard barely a ripple

It’s that “We are the world” thing – infesting America’s newsrooms.

The problems is that the Chinese under Xi have no desire to be “Part of the World” – they mean to dominate it, – and they’ve been working on that since Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

Clinton, Bush and then Obama were of tremendous help – giving them (or letting them steal) advanced missile, nuclear, aircraft, communications, and naval technology.

The trade imbalance paid for it, the Chinese got rich selling us goods made by slaves,  as they used other slaves to build ships, tanks, and planes.  And they kept sending PhD couples to America – their advanced party.

While Obama was busy destroying our military,  building mega-expensive new destroyers with no ammo for their guns,  – he was also busy promoting pigmy admirals to crucial positions,  – and damn the consequences!

And the Chinese kept smiling – and building their fleet of more quiet submarines,  – faster destroyers, – and their brand-new aircraft carrier.  And our Media was mum!

The Chinese may not be quite ready to declare dominion over the Western Pacific,  – they still have some problems to address:

(1).  They’re well on their way to building the TEETH of a dominant fleet,  but they need to grow the TAIL – the fleet of logistics and support ships and facilities,  – able to keep a fleet operating over the horizon for weeks or months.

(2).  It takes time (years) to train the officers, the chiefs, and the crews of an effective blue-water navy – one able to operate for long periods and in bad weather.  But 40 ships is a very good start.  And they’ve already held joint exercises with the Russians.

(3).  FUEL is one of China’s strategic weaknesses – as it was for the Japs during WWII,  and unless they can find their own supply soonly, – – they’ll continue to covet the oil fields of Indonesia,  and may be willing to wage a local war to acquire them.   Longer term they have their eyes on Persia and East Africa….

(4).  Keeping 1,300,000,000 horny people fed, employed, and happy is a HUGE problem, and in a land where empires periodically disintegrated into competing warlord kingdoms – political unity is a daily problem.   Thus they need to keep the folks focused on external enemies – the Muslims and the USA.

(5).  The JELLYFISH problem:   The Chinese have spent 30+ years killing sharks – for food, fertalizer, and shark-fin soup.  The result is huge blooms of jellyfish – some pretty enormous,….which get sucked into the cooling intakes of ships,  – causing their engines to overheat.  It’s very embarrassing when you’re trying hard to intimidate your neighbors from Japan,  the Philippines,  Indonesia,  India,  and the USA.


Elect and re-elect leaders who understand REALITY!

Start winning the trade war we’ve been losing…

Rebuild our Pacific Fleet – and re-establish secure bases in the Phillipines.

Promote fighting Admirals and Generals – not AA/EEO pigmies, tokens,  or homosexuals.

Enlist our reluctant anti-American Media in the fight; – have them start telling our folks the TRUTH again.

4 Responses to “Obama’s Chinese Navy On Parade”

  1. Kojack

    We need to re-build OUR MILITARY but decrease our obligations by ARMING OUR DEPENDABLE ALLIES(especially Japan and South Korea) WITH NUKES AND MISSSILE DEFENSE SYSTEMS SO THAT THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. We can keep the sea lanes open and back-up our allies if an “event” occurs.

  2. MC

    Under the communist-muslim-homosexual-traitor Barry Obongo, he forced out good admirals and generals and put in place his cronies, affirmative action minorities, atheists, spineless ass kissers looking for that next star, and at the top of the list, man-hating lesbians.

  3. Ben

    Some how, some way we have to educate all the mamby, pamby protesters in our public schools of what is happening in our world. Mr. Trump knows what is happening and finally building up our military that has been depleted. Soros has to be, some how exposed for what he’s doing.

  4. Sherox

    The one thing you failed to mention here is the non-stop theft of intellectual property and technology. Above all things to do with the Chinese this has to be a top priority.