Obama’s Bad Bad Week

Posted July 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Self-inflated peacock was strutting across Africa – while Muslim Brotherhood buddy Morsi is put under house arrest.
Where's Our Buddy Morsi
A foreign policy disaster of epic proportion – and Lurch goes sailing.

There hasn’t been an intelligence failure like this since the Ayatollah ousted the Shaw and stormed our embassy – under Carter’s watch.
 Anne greets Chuck in Cairo

Ambassador Anne Patterson will have to be recalled.  She’s useless now – the Egyptians can’t stand her.  Worse, she didn’t serve OUR interests, – seems she didn’t have ears in the street.
Hillary's Bitch 

They’ve seen through Obama, – and Hillary.  I’m guessing they always knew Lurch is a joke.
 Call me Bro

Obama should thank God – our God – that there aren’t American hostages in the mix…

This past week proves to any skeptics – to anybody willing to still give Obama and his Cartel ‘the benefit of the doubt’ – that they are worse than bungling amateurs.
Wake up America
The Egyptians in the streets have called it correctly – the Obama Cartel has backed the Muslim Brotherhood – who are both terrorists and backward Islamist fundamentalists – bent on taking the Middle East – and then the world – back to the 7th Century!

The average Egyptian wants NONE of it!  They want FREEDOM, and an economy which will give them JOBS.

Without jobs – young Egyptians can never get married, – never have sex, – never have a family, – never be seen as an adult man.  

Obama doesn’t understand, Hillary and Lurch don’t, and Morsi either didn’t care, – or was unable to show any progress.  All the Egyptians saw was a harsh return to Sharia Law, and they want none of it.
Sharia Unwanted



Why was the Obama Cartel surprised?

THREE REASONS:  (1). Obama has surrounded himself with like-minded world-socialist suck-ups, – people who understand that the Narcissists-in-Chief must be flattered on a daily and sometimes on an hourly basis.   They have visions, – they like power, – but they have no grasp on reality out there in the real world.

(2). Obama’s sycophants learned long ago that to survive in his inner circle – you cannot be the bearer of bad news. He only wants to hear how cleaver he is, – how insightful he is, – and how much good he’s doing for people. Praise him and you stay.  Bring bad news, – or worse, – offer constructive criticism, – and like Chief-of-Staff Daley, – you’re banished!

(3). They are still so busy trying to keep the lids on Fast & Furious, the Benghazi Massacre, the IRS Targeting, and the NSA Scandals they have no time or inclination to study foreign policy problems or keep abreast of events.  They placed their trust in proven liars like Hillary, Lurch, Susan Rice, John Brennan, and James Clapper


The Muslim Brotherhood will not accept defeat easily.  Today they plan a ‘Day of Rejection’.  Over the next few weeks more bloodshed is almost inevitable. 

Obama’s ‘Foreign Policy’ is in tatters, and with it any chance of real help should a crisis emerge anywhere in the world.  EVERYBODY – friend and foe alike – now see him as a bumbling narcissistic fool – not to be trusted.
You Killed

Hillary is likewise badly damaged goods.  If she placed her trust in her aide – MB insider Huma Abedin, – she misjudged badly.  But then Hillary doesn’t want to hear the truth either, – something Huma knows very well.
Unwelcome Moonbats

White House first partner



Kerry should offer to resign.  He won’t.  But now he is utterly powerless – a tall, ugly figurehead who will be sent to attend state funerals – with his jaw wired shut.
Swift Boat John



Elections do have consequences.  If you elect a fool on the basis of a slogan [Hope – Change – Yes we can] you’ll likely see the day when they fall on their face.

Today there is NO WAY Obama can blame his Egyptian disaster on George W. Bush or the TEA Party.  He’s looking for a new whipping boy right now.  Lurch better stay out of sight….
Obama you jerk

9 Responses to “Obama’s Bad Bad Week”

  1. Sheryl

    It’s time Mike to march on Pennsylvania Avenue and remove our own terrorists from power before we longer have the right to vote! That sounds so radical… And I am far from a radical or a conspiracy theorists.., I just see our Nation and the Constitution is far from what it was or what it was founded on. It’s time the people take charge… The Vote just doesn’t work anymore!

  2. Len Mead

    How come I didn’t see any of these pictures of the unwashed Egyptians holding signs blasting Obama in my morning newspaper?

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Len, you STILL buy a newspaper…?

  3. BeachGirl

    I was going to post just what Len did — but he beat me to it! Actually, I don’t look at the newspaper but I didn’t see any of these photos on the Puffed-up Post or any of the other news outlets either.

  4. Walter Knight

    Iron Mike, and the Egyptian people, got it right.

    Obama supported terrorists. The Muslim Brotherhood is like the Communists, wanting to control and centralize all aspects of people’s lives, and the economy. Control freak policies don’t work, and Egypt is now trying to save itself from disaster. They will be playing catch-up for a long time.

    Expect lots of arrests. Tourism won’t be coming back soon, either. Darn. I always wanted to visit the Pyramids. I guess I’ll just have to go to Mexico. Damn, that’s no good either. See America first.

  5. Walter Knight

    Careful Sheryl, they’re reading this blog.

  6. Larry Redmond

    Great summary of a bad week for the BO. Can’t believe Duval P was so dumb as to make that statement about EBT, Was it for real???
    As for Kerry on his boat vice working the Egyptian issue I am not surprised. Remember on the late afternoon of 3 July 1863 when Robert E. Lee told George Pickett to see to his Division after the charge, Pickett responded; “Sir I have no Division.” Well Bo and JK have no foreign policy. Our nation is in deep trouble.

  7. Casey Chapman

    Unfortunately, our nation is JUST where BO wants it to be. Remember he takes his orders from Soros.

  8. Blossom Stiefel

    Many Americans are worried and frightened about what looks like the destruction of this nation from within. With this Administration pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood, and other terrorist groups the whole world is in turmoil. Our tax dollars continue to flow to these terrorist groups that only want to destroy us.

    We need to free ourselves of the Obama agenda, from his heavy handed control here at home and the weakness and appeasement of his foreign policies. It will take a lot of hard work to stop this government’s agenda and the liberal direction. We must go back to our American ideals, moral and political based on personal responsibility, freedom, and the ideals of our Founding Fathers. Which way it goes depends on us.

    We have been complacent for a long time, but now we must wake up and see what we have allowed to happen to our beautiful America.