Obama’s Amerika.

Posted October 2nd, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

This video is from today’s march, organized by labor unions and other communist/socialist organizations to show support for our current administration, and disdain for those who attended Glenn Beck’s rally of a few weeks ago. At Beck’s rally there were no signs, no protests, no violence at all. This demonstration in our nation’s capital could not be more starkly different. One difference: these people were paid by the unions to attend. They were brought there on union buses. They ate union food. You be the judge. I’ve already decided that this is not the America I want. Stop them in November. The stakes couldn’t be higher. rr

One Response to “Obama’s Amerika.”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    This is very disturbing. What has happened to these people? Are they ignorant of the history of socialism, marxism and communisim? Have they been brainwashed by our left wing educational system and the labor unions that have fallen under the marxist socialist umbrella? How will the MSM cover this event? Since I make an effort not to watch their propoganda I will have to wait for FNC and the talk shows next week. This should only energize the conservative base and possibly even some Dems who were so naive to believe that they had not been taken over by the marxist socialists. We MUST defeat every Democrat and RINO in the midterm election and in 2012 if we are to save our country!