Obama’s $26/Gallon Green Navy

Posted July 3rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Nothing burns fuel faster than our US Navy at sea.
Now thanks to Obama’s GREEN AGENDA – you’re paying $26.oo/gallon for it.

Part of the blame lies with SecNav Ray Mabus – former Gov of Mississippi and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia under Clinton.

Mabus served briefly in the drug and discipline plagued Zumwalt Navy, which probably explains a lot of his poor decision-making.

Mabus is the asshole who names ships after such inappropriate people as John Murtha, Caesar Chavez, Lyndon Johnson, Gabriel Giffords, and Harvey Milk. He’s a totally sneaky bastard too.

He once secretly recorded a marriage counseling session with his first wife and a priest, – then used the recording to gain sole custody of his daughters.

So this proud member of the Council on Foreign Relations has been pushing the Navy to use bio-fuelsand the cost be damned!

Shortly after taking office Mabus OKed the purchase of 20,055 gallons of algae-oil from Solazyme for $8.5 Million. [That’s $424/gallion!]

Sitting on Solazyme’s board is Theodore James ‘TJ’ Glauthier – a Clinton DOE appointee, and 1992 Rio Earth Summit attendee. ‘TJ’ was Obama’s transition manager. Are you starting to smell the stench?

Mabus justifies the outlandish purchase prices of bio-diesel by saying that if the Navy buys it,  more companies will make it, – eventually lowering the price.

I say,  Gee, – let FedEx, UPS and Carnival Cruise Lines develop the demand, not our Navy!  NOT our taxpayers!

RIMPAC 2012 – twenty-two nations, 42 ships, six submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel has begun. It’s an obvious but subtle show-of-force to the Chinese, our most powerful natural enemy. With us burning fuel seven times too expensive, – what can be their take-away?

To me it looks like we have a President and his cartel more obsessed with the cult of ‘green energy’ and rewarding supporters with our tax dollars – than they are with providing a cost-effective military deterrent to Chinese expansion.

The FIRST DUTY – the Primary Reason to Exist – for any government is to protect its people from all enemies, foreign or domestic…

  Obama again fails, miserably and expensively.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE: 16 July 2012 – Not to be outspent, the USAF just bought 11,000 gallons of bio-fuel from Gevo Inc. They make their bio-fuel from Tyson chicken waste [billionaire John Tyson is a big Democratic contributor]. One of Gevo’s venture capitalists is Sun Microsystems co-founder billionaire Vinod Khosla [another big Democrat contributor].
The price? $59.oo/gallon!

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  1. Angi Stamm

    Do you have a newsletter? I found your website randomly. The information about Ray Mabus and the connections with Obama are fascinating and disturbing. Has anyone in the media reported on this? I probably know the answer to that questions.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>———-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Thanks for clicking in Angi. We don't have a newsletter, but we try to keep this blog updated almost daily. So MANY Obamatrocities, - so little time...