Obama’s 2012 Campaign Scheme

Posted February 26th, 2012 by Iron Mike

The Messiah met with his Democratic Governors [future co-defendants] to plot their 2012 game plan [campaign lies] on Friday.

In 2008 Obama ran against Bush – then blamed him for the next three years when things kept getting worse.

Now he plans to blame Congress, Republicans, and Tea Party Republicans.

The liar who claimed to be a seasoned street organizer – a uniter and our first post-racial president – will now try to get re-elected by running against the very folks he once promised to include and embrace.

This will be class warfare not seen
since the French and Russian Revolutions.

And 22 Democratic governors are more than ready to help him further divide our country between those who WORK for a living and those who vote to live off their labors.

The meeting was relatively brief – just 75 minutes – across from the WH in the Eisenhower Executive Building. Just a dozen reliable MoonBat governors [including gov MoonBeam himself] and a half-dozen ObamaCzars.

The over-arching Campaign Theme will be JOBS!

Key elements of the theme will be: building up manufacturing jobs,training workers for new technologies, – and developing American energy.

Did you catch that? ‘Developing American Energy!?!

This from Obama who stopped American drilling, halted the Keystone XL, and invested billions in now-bankrupt ‘green energy manufacturing’.

The staggering level of hypocrisy defies description using the English language!

Yet sadly there will be a huge number of government-dependent Democrats, union workers, welfare recipients, and career nose-pickers ready, willing, and eager to buy into ‘The Message’:

‘Obama could have worked miracles by now if ONLY those mean greedy Republicans and those awful Tea Party Republicans hadn’t been so stubborn and so obstructionist!’

If Obama can sell that blame gamehe wins.

If Republicans can tear holes – BIG HOLES – in his lie [like reminding folks that Obama had BOTH HOUSES for a full 2 years] – maybe they can squeak out a narrow win.

Obama and his operatives will also spread lies such as Republicans [they’ll point to Rick Santorum] want to deprive women of birth control pills.

They’ll embellish that lie by saying that Republicans want to impose their religious views on the entire population.

THIS from the pResident who insists on imposing his Socialist views on religions – in violation of our 1st Amendment.

This is a critical turning point battle in the Socialist take-over of our free-enterprise republic.

If they win, our Constitution will begin to be declared invalid – amendment-by-amendment, article-by-article.

Our Supreme Court will be stacked by socialists.

By 2016 there will be calls for a new Constitutional ConventionSocialists ONLY invited. The American era will be over.

If they lose, they’ll not go away. They’ll continue to chip away at your rights at the state and local level, waiting for a second shot in 2016.

Thus this year Obama cannot just be defeated – he must be SOUNDLY DEFEATED – or he will be lurking for the next three years – rebuilding his base, gathering $$, and preparing to stage a comeback. Obama must be repudiated and vanquished!

But first, we must help thinking voters see through the lies and the bombast – and see the truth!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

BTW: Since they’re supposedly meeting to discuss ‘government problems’ – you TAXPAYERS are PAYING for this trip and these campaign strategy meetings!

Governors present at Obama’s session included Govs. Jerry Brown (Calif.), Jay Nixon (Mo.), O’Malley, Christine Gregoire (Wash.), Bev Perdue (N.C.), Peter Shumlin (Vt.), Neil Abercrombie (Hawaii), Deval Patrick (Mass.) and Pat Quinn (Ill.).

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