ObamaCare: The Ponzi Scheme Is Bankrupt!

Posted October 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The Democrat Camel has her nose under the tent.  Now watch what the Democrats do with your money and your health.  Jail is too good for them!
Back in 2009 and 2010, RRB and Sarah Palin warned America that ObamaCare couldn’t work.  It was a Ponzi Scheme,  – it had death panels,  – and it couldn’t be kept afloat without massive infusions of tax dollars.
DemoCRAPS didn’t care;  they could almost feel their “FREE GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE”!   The clever ones smiled knowingly,…their useful idiots danced in the streets….

So after Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy died,  and Scott Brown was elected to replace him,  ObamaCare was hurriedly “deemed” to have passed in the House – and Obama signed it – with the obligatory kid in attendance….
Obama signs ACA

And it was a royal screw-up from the start…

Remember the $687 Million website – built by Michelle Obama’s Black college buddy – that didn’t work?


Then the health young people decided the fine was cheaper than the premiums – so they didn’t pay – dooming the system.

And the medical fraud industry went to work overtime….

And the premiums went up each year – a little at first….

And NO – HELL NO – you can’t keep your doctor!

And Obama laughed about that lie….

Now – as health insurance companies are losing their asses, – they’re backing out of the program….

…so of course for 2017 we are watching WHOPPING premium increases,   and huge increases in the co-pays and deductibles.


Obama doesn’t care – he’s gone in 85 days….

And yes, – there ARE DEATH PANELS!


Don’t look to Hillary Clinton to ‘fix this’,   – to her this was JUST A FIRST STEP!

And if you’re a Democrat Useful Idiot,  – go read our Constitution (maybe for the first time ever…).

There is NO ‘CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT’ to health care!

That’s considered a personal responsibility – like breathing and eating,  – and wiping your ass!

5 Responses to “ObamaCare: The Ponzi Scheme Is Bankrupt!”

  1. Hawk1776

    One difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals look at bill from the standpoint of all the good it can do. Conservatives on the other hand will ask how the bill will be paid for. Although the benefits of Obamacare were always suspect, it didn’t take a genius to see that it was not self sustaining, i.e., the numbers wouldn’t work. No one should be surprised that it’s dying. Obama is concerned about his legacy, and Obamacare is it. Great job Barry.

  2. #blackgunsmatter

    It was designed to fail, and I know this will boost Trump’s support in swing states. Up your ass, liberals…

  3. Catherine

    Of COURSE it was designed to FAIL – so the sheeple would then clamor for government to “fix” it – by instituting a single-payer system.

    And the liberals SELL a bill by claiming it will do good – but they know full well that government programs ALWAYS have the opposite effect of what was intended.

    Help becomes real HARM. Aid becomes a handout addiction. Good becomes evil. The founders understood this, and THAT was the reason they limited the power of government.

  4. Panther 6

    It was a giant mistake as the Brits and Canucks have found out. There are some good things that should be salvaged and rolled into a new and better plan. If Hill Babe gets elected forget it. She will get a single payer system in short order.

  5. President Matt

    How bad is this mess? It is SOOO bad that they brought back Jonathan Gruber to defend it: