ObamaCare Melting Under Reality

Posted April 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Obama’s signature Ponzi Scheme is BLEEDING DOLLARS,  and one of the biggest providers is bailing. UnitedHealthcare [yes, spelled that way] currently serves 795,000 people – but expects to lose 18% of them by the end of 2016.
Quitting ObamaCare
So they’ll stay – for now – in Nevada and Virginia,  but plan to bail from Arkansas,  Georgia,  and Michigan. Where they staythey plan to charge a LOT MORE!

Remember all those folks back in 2012 who thought re-electing the Fraud meant they’d be getting “free stuff”….

Remember the maddening flurry of activity to get ObamaCare through Congress after Ted Kennedy died and Scott Brown [allegedly a Republican] was elected to replace him – and to stop ObamaCare in the Senate…?

Obama signs ACA

Remember the signing ceremony – with Ted’s widow Miss Vicki and Patches…and the mandatory Black child,…and the teleprompter…?

Charles Ponzi was smiling down from his grave…. Even Bernie Madoff watched in awe at the audacity of evil from his North Carolina prison cell.

ObamaCare Bankrupt

Remember the non-functioning WEBSITE – built by Michelle Obama’s college friend – Toni McCall Townes-Whitley – for over $834 Million…. Some put the real price tag at $2 Billion…..

CGI Built Website

Remember, in this country, – college and even high-school students routinely build websites…..

Toni Gives To Obama

Funny how FRAUD comes home to roost,…..and always hurts the poorest citizens and voters the most….



If the Democrats – Hillary or Bernie – claim the White House in November – look for a push to ‘save the insurance companies [‘our valued partners’] with a massive taxpayer bailout….

If it’s Bernie,…look for a push for for ‘single payer’ – i.e. socialized medicine….

Commie and liar

If Trump or Cruz win,…look for ObamaCare to be killed off by either executive order or by combined Congressional action and executive order, – and replaced by a more workable system,….maybe even to include tort reform….

If the election is rigged, and a RiNO like Jeb or Mitt or Kasich wins,…look for no change at all….except a lot more under-qualified people being admitted into medical schools.

No matter WHAT happens,  2017 is going to be a VERY EXPENSIVE YEAR to buy health insurance…..

Democrats are to blame;  – they took the World’s BEST Health Care System,….and tried to make it “FREE”!

How should America punish the Democrats who voted for ObamaCare?

Should a Republican President and a Republican Attorney General convene a Federal Grand Jury…?

One Response to “ObamaCare Melting Under Reality”

  1. Hawk1776

    Obamacare was doomed from the beginning. The only mystery is how anyone could have failed to see it. I had a friend who gushed over Obamacare and claimed it was “our social responsibility”. I asked how we were going to pay for it and he didn’t know. Someone, some where, has to pay for all of this free stuff. Obamacare, cell phones, free everything for illegal immigrants, etc. Obamacare is estimated to cost $1.2 trillion over the next ten years. Meanwhile the Marine Corps, due to budget cuts, is struggling to find flyable F-18 fighters and CH-57 helicopters. This is nuts. (And from our stellar Massachusetts congressional delegation, only Lynch and Tsongas votes against Obamacare).