Obama? Writes A Children’s Book??

Posted November 17th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Our Undocumented pResident has just released his latest work – an illustrated children’s book ‘written to his daughters’.  Proceeds to go to scholarships for the kids of killed and wounded soldiers.  You’re supposed to go “Ooh,  coo,  how touching!

Maybe I’m just a grouchy skeptical curmudgeon, but I’m barfing, angry, and outraged.

First, I’d damn near bet my life that OBummer didn’t write this himself.  There is some evidence.  He cites a number of people he thinks his daughters should take inspiration from, including:

Georgia O’Keeffe (“helped us see big beauty in what is small”) [an artist who burnt her early works and then painted flowers to look like women’s genitalia]

Albert Einstein (“changing the world with energy and light”)

Jackie Robinson (“showed us all how to turn fear to respect”)

Sitting Bull (“a Sioux medicine man”) [led the Lakota Sioux in the massacre of Custer and the 7th Cavalary at the Little Big Horn]

Billie Holiday (“sang beautiful blues”) [truant, child prostitute, drug addict]

Helen Keller (“taught us to look and listen to each other”)

Maya Lin (“public spaces should be filled with art, she thought”)

Jane Addams (“fed the poor”) [WWI pacifist, Progressive, Socialist]

Martin Luther King, Jr. (“taught us unyielding compassion”)

Neil Armstrong (“first to walk on the moon”)

Cesar Chavez (“showed farm workers their own power”) [communist labor organizer]

Abraham Lincoln (“promised freedom to enslaved sisters and brothers”)

George Washington (“our first president”)

The skeptic in me thinks he never knew who O’Keeffe, Sitting Bull, Maya Lin or Jane Addams were until he was handed the completed manuscriptWhy would a father of two daughters include a child prostitute / drug addict in a book for his own daughters?

Second,  With two years of dismal failure behind him, two wars ongoing, our southern border now an active war zone, unemployment at 10+% and the consumer price index up and foreign governments openly telling him to reign in spending – – how the hell did he have time – or how could he have taken time – to write a children’s book?  So did he write this book, or is his name on the cover yet another Obama lie?

I smell Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, and Bill Ayers all over this.  I smell the start of the ‘rehabilitation’ of the Obama Brand, getting ready for the 2012 election year.  This is part of his ‘new softer image’.  And ooh, the proceeds go to soldiers’ kids.  You buying this crap?

And of course it’s for sale on Jeff Bezos’ Amazon – the same outfit selling the pedophile bookBarf!!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

5 Responses to “Obama? Writes A Children’s Book??”

  1. dannap

    I know a few wounded warriors who wouldn’t want a dime of these proceeds. In fact, it’s a political ploy to associate himself with those who actually know the true meaning of service and sacrifice for the cause of liberty.

    Thanks for always unveiling the ulterior motives, Iron Mike and RR!

  2. Digger

    i)why is any one a Republican,they seem to be against everything and for nothing.

    2)Why are they not willing to vote for a tax cut for the middle class unless the rich are included?

    3)Where were all the fiscal conservatives when Bush was running up the National Debt?

    4)Never mind the past,how can we solve the debt crisis without sacrifice from everyone? Not to suggest stealing from the rich, of course they deserve it if their Daddy left it to them, or their investments appreciated,or even if they” worked” for it.But how is it a sacrifice to a millionaire if his taxes go up3, 5 , even 10%?Give me a break, he wouldn’t even notice it!
    I ~ think ~ this is spam, but I’ll leave it for awhile. Clearly a dude who doesn’t understand that 10% of a million dollars is a job that doesn’t get created.

  3. Digger

    So how many millionaires created jobs in the last 10 years?
    ANSWER: Most of the private sector [non-government] jobs that were created were created by millionaires – either by direct investment or by investment in venture capital firms which finance start-up companies.

    Currently most of these jobs are being created in India and China thanks to our business-hostile laws at both state and federal levels. Investment money moves to where it’s wanted.

    How many jobs did you, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid create all together?

  4. Digger

    That’s better, something more specific than the standard rhetoric.

    We have been out sourcing jobs for decades so it should be no surprise that we hit a recession .

    You answered the question beautifully. WHERE ARE THE JOBS? They have gone overseas grasshopper, because the millionaires who create them are so PATRIOTIC!

    In answer to your last question,have you checked the stock market lately? The market, the Republicans yardstick; apparently approve of the current administrations policies.
    No ‘Digger’ – we haven’t been ‘outsourcing’. That’s a term made up to cover the reality. Investors sent their money where countries WELCOMED it instead of TAXING it. The workers in China and India didn’t belong to thug-led unions, and they didn’t have absenteeism and drinking problems. [If they did – they could be easily fired – not placed in ’employee assistance programs’.]

    Frankly Digger, you sound like what Lenin used to call ‘a useful idiot’ – a person who actually believed the cover stories of the Communist Party.

    A lot of Americans used to go visit Russia in the early 1920s – and come back with glowing tales of how wonderfully Communism was working to improve the lives of the peasants. They had been taken to a couple of carefully selected farms and factories, and one of the ‘new villages’.

    Don’t call a millionaire unpatriotic for investing his $$ wisely. You should call some of your Democrat political hacks what they are – ‘UNpatriotic’ for squandering the wealth, power, prestige, and the future of this country. Ted Kennedy, our ten congress hacks, Duh-Val, and of course oBummer come to mind. Some do it for personal glory, others like oBummer do it from hatred of America.

    Remember: socialism is the politics of envy practiced by the lazy and the inept.

    What country do you live in?

  5. Digger

    Dear Rabid

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

    1) You know what country I live in

    2)Why do you suppose the stock market has gone up lately?

    3}I started my own company,ran it for 14 years, my employees, 4-16 were in a union, I successfully fired 2 of them,so I have a little trouble with your complaints about the work force in North America.

    4)I wouldn’t call you an idiot, but I think you should try to look at things with less emotion and more reason