Obama To Taxpayers: ‘F**k You!’

Posted July 13th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Desperate bid for the ghetto vote? Obama instructs HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to inform states that the 16 year old WORK REQUIREMENT for welfare recipients – signed by Bill Clinton will no longer be enforced.

This is the PROOF that the Democratic [er, Socialist] Party wants to keep America’s poor in permanent chains of government check bondage. This is the purest form of racism!

4 Responses to “Obama To Taxpayers: ‘F**k You!’”

  1. Prim

    How many weeks can someone draw unemployment … No requirements now for someone to get a job while on welfare ..No reason to secure the borders.. By the time this man ever gets out of office there will only be a few people working and they will have to work 364 days before their tax burden to OVobit’s policies are ..Wait I forgot about all the new taxes covered thru ObamaCare !!

    The few folks actually working are Totally Screwed !! The left doesn’t like the work slaves or slavery, well those left working will be the slaves of the unworking!

  2. Tom Gilroy

    This is done again via the Executive Order with no mention by the news media with the exception of Drudge and Fox. This Marxist, Socialist POS is bent on completing the ruination of this Country before November 6th. To defeat the demigod go to: http://www.oustobamacoalitio.com

  3. Walter Knight

    Cool, more free stuff from Brother Barack! I knew he really cared, he said so. I still don’t trust the Village Idiot, though.

  4. Kelly Curran

    we must all work very hard to make sure he is NOT re-elected.

    please join us.