Obama: The Ugly American In Greece

Posted November 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Nothing quite says unwelcome visitor like Molotov Cocktails!  There was no need for Obama to visit Greece – other than his enormous ego.
Greece is a failed socialist state,  and their conspicuous bankruptcy made worse by a hundred thousand unwanted,  uninvited,  and seriously ungrateful Syrian refugees,  – from the war Obama started against Syria’s Assad.


The Greeks aren’t mad at America.  Most have family members living here.  They understand that Obama was running a rogue operation – from Benghazi through Turkey [their ancient enemy] into Northern Syria.

And they understand full well – far better than American Democrats– that he botched each and every step of his illegal operation.


Now their struggling bankrupt country is overwhelmed with hostile ‘refugees’ – who may never depart – even if the Syrian war ends.


You have to wonder what level of narcissism and ego propelled Obama to take this last lame-duck jaunt.


The Greeks have only one answer:  FIRE BOMBS!

We can safely assume that Obama and his wife will not be enjoying any idyllic post-retirement vacations on any Greek Islands.


6 Responses to “Obama: The Ugly American In Greece”

  1. Walter Knight

    Obama should visit Venezuela next.

  2. MC

    Obama and the liberals spin will be that Obama was greeted with celebratory fireworks and cheering. The streets were lined with folks carrying signs excited to get a glimpse of the great uniter and king!

  3. Raymond Smithson

    Mama used to have a “coon dog”, would go all over the neighbor hood, sometimes when I read stories about the Kenyon boys trips , I think of mom’s “coon dog “.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Over the course of the past few months, my political spirits ebbed and flowed with the course (and revelations….) of the presidential campaign. But come 3:00 AM Wednesday last I became ecstatic with the knowledge that the campaign was finally over, that our country would finally be rid politically (and maybe even judicially…) of those pesky Clinton’s, and that, finally, our country would be rid our nearly eight year tragedy of a presidency. But alas, I’m incorrect. Unlike recent Republican presidents who leave office and simply enjoy retirement, it appears our narcissist-in-chief just won’t (or can’t….) keep his big mouth shut, as his admonition to saddened followers is that he’s staying in DC; he’s not going away. Wonderful…..

  5. Iron Mike

    Well Bro, – you know he’s afraid to go back to Chicago.

    His buddy Rahm Emanuel has overseen a horrific rise in the murder rate – mostly among young Black men. There just aren’t enough Secret Service agents to keep him safe from stray bullets and ricochets…

  6. Sherox

    Please stop using the word refugees when referring to the Syrians. They are invaders..