Obama: The T-Shirt Presidency

Posted January 13th, 2011 by Iron Mike

How a pResident proves himself emotionless.

Obama flew into Tucson yesterday on “a mission of healing”.  Yeah, sure. Obeying the mantra of not letting a crisis go to waste, he turned a solemn event into a campaign stop – complete with free souvenir t-shirts.  Tacky is suddenly an inadequate word.

Full disclosure here – I grew up in Tucson.  I went to high school not far from the shooting site, and I went to the U of Ariz.  I get a sense of revulsion just thinking about oBummer in ‘my town’ – speaking at ‘my university’.  

Then he takes the opportunity to turn a solemn memorial service into just another campaign stop?  His flunkies hand out t-shirts?  This is a perfect example of ‘actions speak louder than words’.

OK,  you watch his speech if you want to and decide if he said all the right words. 

  The full version:

I say the t-shirt gesture tells the real story about the man who didn’t even hold a funeral for his own grandmother.  He wasn’t feeling the grief and shock of the good folks of Tucson, – he was using it.  This was our Narcissist-in-Chief’s way of making the event all about himself, complete with t-shirts in Democrat blue.  This is his way of having the audience continue to spread his ideas and his image every time they wear it.

Pray for Them!

Think about this; – it wouldn’t have taken much more to place the photos of the murdered six on a t-shirt [neutral color] that said something simple like “Pray for them”.  

Writing this the words keep swirling in my head: tacky – opportunistic – thoughtless – unfeeling – going through the motions. . . playing to the crowd…

If [gee, dare I write this?] ~ just if ~ it had been Obama’s daughter . . . would he still have passed out souvenir t-shirts?  Would he still have made it ‘an event’?

Frankly Barack, I am appalled!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

So much for a ‘memorial event”; this phot just in – TY Bob Parks!

2 Responses to “Obama: The T-Shirt Presidency”

  1. MC

    Could not imagine being a member of the victim’s family and having to sit through his campaign stop. T-Shirt’s… what a slap in the face to the grieving families. Actually I would have gotten up and walked out.

    Can you imagine the uproar had President Bush done this. But than again, he never would have… In fact I don’t know of anyone else who might have done this.

  2. Perplexed Senior

    You obviously did share my outrage at the disrespect and impropriety shown first by the President of the U of A, he acted like a cheerleader at a pep rally. His excitment level rose as he worked his way down the agenda from Janet Incompitano, to Eric Holder, who is suing the State of Arizona for their Immigration Legislation, to Governor Jan Brewer ( there were a few boos in the crowd) to the pResident when his excitement reached orgasmic levels. Do we no longer respect the dead? When was the last time you attended a memorial service with a theme and T-Shirts? Maybe the Paul Wellstone memorial and pep rally. The real answer, Never!!