Obama: The New Hate-Monger

Posted December 5th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Seething with hatred not seen since the Third Reich.

Use your heads; – use your knowledge of History.  Look for those answers you’re genuinely afraid of.  Better to find them before they find you!

Obama has launched a campaign of national hatred toward the rich, i.e. the successful.  Can you see it?  Do you understand why he’s doing it?

Except for those few times when he goes off-script and lets little hints dangle before us, Obama has been remarkably skilled at keeping his real agenda hidden and camouflaged. 

Now he’s well on his way toward his real goal – the breaking and humbling of our Republic.

There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence – and a lot of hard evidence.  You just need to see it.  And you need to see the familiar patterns of lies, cover-up, chicanery, bullying, and enslavement.



This will become the stuff of 1000 years of speculation.  Just as Hitler used murder and fire to cover any hint of his Jewish ancestry, – Obama has spent millions covering up his birth and who exactly was his father.  He may have been party to other murders too – to cover up his bi-sexuality.

But we can already see from his books and speeches – he considers himself more of a world citizen than a US Citizen.  I think his two botched oaths of office four years ago are key clues that he also considers himself a Muslim.



Which came first – the pop culture or Obama?   Your clue is Obama’s 2008 speech‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!’ 

He has ridden a wave of non-critical adoration from the media, and he arrived just as two generations of socialist teachers had dumbed down two full generations of American voters – who saw only skin color and thought ‘It’s his turn!’

His reaction to any and all serious inquiry about his birth, his education, his credentials, his law license, or his associations was to brand the questioners ‘Racist!’  It worked like Napalm!



ObamaCare will remain the biggest hoax of Obama’s first term.  Even today most liberals are still euphoric, – not seeing the reality of what they helped bring down upon us.  They have been most willing ‘useful idiots’.

ObamaCare was NEVER about delivering low-cost health care to the masses!

If it were – there would have been robust provisions to train more doctors, nurses, technicians, – to build more hospitals, clinics, and recovery centers.

But ObamaCare doesn’t buy a single ambulance, a single x-ray machine, or a single band-aid.


Because the bill was a trial balloon – to see if Americans were finally stupid and greedy enough to fall for an obvious hoax.  Had it failed, Obama would have tried another tactic.

What it DID to us was reinforce the ‘entitlement mentality’ – i.e. ‘healthcare is a universal human right’ – in the minds of a significant majority of American voters. 

It led them to expect that ObamaCare was going to be free [at least for them] – because the rich would end up paying for most of it, and insurance companies ‘would stop making profits off sick people’.

So all they heard was ‘FREE‘ and ‘Single Payer – and they dismissed those 2700 pages as ‘just political stuff’.

It handed the Government – i.e. Obama – control of 1/7th of the US Economy and touches EVERY aspect of your life.

And Obama said “YES!! They HAVE been dumbed down!  Now watch what I do to this country!”



While you weren’t looking, Obama has been building that private army he promised people in Colorado Springs in July 2008.

Homeland Security has bought 1,300,000,000 rounds of rifle, shotgun, machine-gun, and pistol ammo [enough to shoot each of us 4 times], – and FEMA [which is supposed to be about disaster relief] is secretly buying 2500 heavily armored SWAT vehicles – from GLS – Gesellschaft für logistischen Service KMW – a German company.  No American jobs there…

WHO is Obama planning to shoot with 1.3 billion bullets?

WHAT is he expecting Americans to do – that would require FEDERAL authorities to use 2500 SWAT trucks?

Did you know DHS now operates Predator drones?

Is THIS why FEMA appears so puny and inept in their response to Storm Sandy?  Have they squandered their time, money, and people planning for internal uprisings?  WHAT do they think might trigger such uprisings?



You just watched the entire year of 2012 devoted to Obama’s re-election – by the shameless use of class and race warfare.  Somehow everything was the fault of either the TEA Party [old angry racist white guys] – or the very richest 2% [who Republicans are shielding from paying their ‘fair share’].

Obama excels at campaigning and scapegoating.  Four years ago everything was ‘Bush’s fault’.  That’s grown old – even with some liberals – so his new villains are those ‘richest 2% – who are hogging all the money and shipping jobs to China’.

It’s ALWAYS somebody ELSE’S FAULT!

How soon does he expect us to go along with stripping the rich – then rounding them up?

If you aren’t hearing echos of 1932 Germany, and Hitler blaming everything on “Swiss Bankers and Jews – who stabbed the Fatherland in the back…” – then you clearly don’t know squat about 20th Century History.

And if you DON’T KNOW SQUAT – then thank your unionized socialist teachers; – they dumbed you down just fine!



All Obama’s talk of ‘…just making Millionaires and Billionaires pay a little more…their fair share…’ is pure bullshit.

Even Obama knows that stripping the wealthy – even taking ALL their money – won’t repay  our $16.3 Trillion National Debt, or run the government for more than a few weeks.

So why is he harping on it?

Simpleif he can sell you on that – he has won the first big battle in Class Warfare – by turning you [a US Citizen] against another person [also a US Citizen] – and making you feel that your unjust thievery is somehow ‘fair’. 

We used to call this ‘Robin Hood Politics’ – but any way you look at it, – taking honestly earned money from the rich, to buy votes from illegals and layabouts – is pure theft.  Making the IRS co-conspirators is downright sleazy.

So when you see Americans begin to buy into it – start asking yourself – what does he plan next?  How soon will he be rounding up enemies?

Obama is trying to turn America’s most successful people – the investors, the entrepreneurs, and the job creators into the political equivalent of the Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

AND, just how long do you think Obama’s threshold will stay above $250K/year for personal income?



AMERICAN BLACKS especially inner-city Blacks:  143 years of yearning for fairness, equality, and even reparations seemed to be answered by the appearance of BHO Jr in 2008.  All they saw was a Black man – a Messiah.  Many voted for the first time. 

Years of following the NAACP, CORE, Rainbow-PUSH, and more recently the SEIU and conditioned them to expect a miracle worker who would raise them up.

Just need 4 more years to get the job done.”  They bought it!

But Obama has ZERO interest in ‘raising up’ downtrodden or generationally poor Blacks.  He sees them as self-defeated losers – a race of freed slaves who had 140 years to raise themselves up – and didn’t.

Moreover – if he believes that BHO Sr was his father – he knows he is not descended from slaves, – he is descended from slave traders!  To him, American Blacks [or their fore-bearers] were merely merchandise; – and today they are merely willing useful fools who will turn out en-mass and vote for him.

Black unemployment will remain at historic levels…

If there are any Blacks that Obama feels kinship with or regard for – it is the Muslim Blacks of East and North Africa.


LIBERALS especially college liberals:  100+ years of not-so-secret Socialist yearning and quiet campaigning seemed to pay off in the election – first of Bill Clinton, then of Barack Obama.  Suddenly there would be an American President who would steer the country directly into the company of World Socialist Nations – then into One World Government.

For them these have been heady days.  Every utopian dream seems so near at hand.

And Obama knows JUST how to play to their hopes – to keep them energized and working for him. 

I’m reminded of the fools who were still loyal to Hitler as the Red Army was within 300 meters of the bunker…  They dutifully attended the wedding, then carried out the corpses, burned them, and buried them.

Imagine the liberals’ shock when Obama either tries to have his preloaded Supreme Court overturn the 22nd Amendment – ‘as unfair and unconstitutional’, – or tries to declare it void by Executive Order.  Do you know how many Executive Orders he has signed in less than 4 years?  Over 130 of them – some very sweeping in scope.  Yes, he can shut down your internet and phone service in a heartbeat!


EGYPT and the USA:

Since the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ – we’ve watched one dictator replaced in Egypt with a far more dangerous one – the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi.  Today Egypt is in chaos, because most of her people wanted more freedom, – not Sharia Law and a return to the 7th Century.

Here, as he hides his evil under the smoke-screen of ‘you’re a racist’ – Obama is planning his own version of dictatorship.

It’s not a concept you want to embrace, not one you’re ready to believe, – but it is already upon you, and Obama has been given another four years to do any damn thing he pleases.

So, you don’t like it?  He’s got 1.3 billion bullets…..  What have you got?

2 Responses to “Obama: The New Hate-Monger”

  1. Kojack

    The liberal brainwashing occuring in the LSM, public schools, colleges, hollywood and the culture in general for the past 100 years has finally acheived its objective. The only things that could possibly save our republic now are a mass epiphany(miracle), complete socio/economic breakdown or a Pinochet style coup in which all of the Cloward and Piven types are purged and eliminated.

  2. Tom

    As the Blackhawks hover overhead and the FEMA SWAT trucks prowl the streets, if you don’t comply with the will of. “Dear Leader” you will think you were in the Warsaw ghetto, if you ever learned about that ghastly place in history. This is not conspiracy theory or doom and gloom, this is the future under the Obamunists.