Obama: The Asterisk* pResidency

Posted June 12th, 2010 by Iron Mike

That record-breaking home run ball hit by Barry Bonds already has an asterisk carved into it.  So does the Obama presidency.  In fact, there are several asterisks (*).

The left wing will sneer and call them “Birthers” – a scathing reference to the 9/11 Truthers – those demented few who continue to claim that 9/11 was an inside job – run by the CIA at the direction of President George Bush and VP Dick Cheney.  But a growing number of Americans are convinced that ~ somebody ~ pulled a fast one on America and snuck a non-citizen into the US Senate,  then got him elected president. 

Someday the truth may out, – or like the blurred photos of the grassy knoll, it may remain shrouded in mystery and suspicion for a hundred years.  Thus Obama’s basic eligibility and legitimacy gets an asterisk*.

Is he a Democrat, – or something else, – something far more sinister?  He was always registered as a Democrat.  He ran as the candidate of the Democratic Party – first in Illinois, then in 2008 for the US Presidency.  But is he a Democrat?  Would a real Harry Truman Democrat appoint known socialists and communists to his troika of 37 Czars?

Would a Democrat engineer the take-over of American manufacturing companies, forcing thousands of local dealerships out of business?  Would a Democrat have sponsored a sick deal like Cash for Clunkers?  Would a Democrat have attacked the pharmaceutical companies which developed miracle drugs as if they were a creeping plague upon the land?  Would a Democrat berate the big banks for making bad loans, and still urge them to keep making them?  A socialist might do that, but not a Democrat.  So when history is written,  BHO Jr. will be listed as a Democrat*This asterisk is a gift!

The Democrats I grew up with were decidedly pro-labor, and they always played the union card – always accused Republicans of being mean-spirited big-money factory owners, working the common man into the ground for low wages and miserable working conditions.  So when they got into power they quickly raised minimum wages, enacted all kinds of union-friendly laws, workplace safety rules, and found insidious ways to turn Worker’s Compensation into a political contribution pipeline. 

They were so “successful” here in Massachusetts – and throughout New England that industries hurriedly relocated to the Carolinas,  leaving the empty husks of their riverside mills to flocks of pidgeons.  About that time Nixon was opening discussions and trade with Mao in China.  A few years later the Peanut Farmer was suddenly President, and he set about criminalizing Capitalism. 

So there was a rush to move manufacturing to the Orient.  China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan all welcomed expatriate American factories.  Under Carter unemployment reached 10+% and home mortgage interest rates eventually reached 20+%.  People – even ardent Democrats – came to wonder if Carter was a Democrat, or a cardigan-wrapped idiot.  Desert One pretty much answered that question.  We eventually learned that his claim of having been a nuclear sub skipper was a fraud.  But we did have his birth certificate and his documentation.  Until Obama, Carter was the most un-American and anti-American president we’d had.

Ronald Reagan saved America and reversed much of the Carter damage.  But even RR couldn’t bring back the expatriate industry. 

Unseen and almost unnoticed,  the socialist movement in the 60s and 70s was consolidating its takeover of American’s school systems.  By now socialist teachers were rising in the ranks to become principals, where they totally controlled hiring and curriculum.  American History got a whole new slant, as did the reading selections in the English classes. 

By the 90s there were several generations of young voters ready to cast off the founding principles of American Democracy.  How else do you explain the election of Slick Willy – the dope-smoking, womanizing, draft-dodging Arkansas scoundrel?  He was the first “feel-good” president of modern times,  and his impeachment for womanizing and lying under oath could have been foretold.  Back in the classrooms, teachers were shrugging off the impeachment telling their students “Sex is a private matter – it should never have come up”.  The drumbeat of socialism went steadily on.

The elections of 2000 and 2004 began to foretell the future.  GW Bush is the son of a legitimate WWII naval hero.  During the Vietnam/Cold War era he had flown the F102 Fighter-Interceptor – a notorious widow-maker.  Remember people – you have to volunteer to fly airplanes, and you have to qualify.  This was the era when Soviet bombers were flying down our East Coast to Cuba daily!  Yet the new Democrats were able to vilify him in comparison to SP4 Al Gore who had served a protected tour in Bien Hoa – never leaving the protection of the well defended base.  Gore’s tales of walking through elephant grass were totally concocted.  So were John Kerry’s three Purple Hearts.  Bob Dole said it best:  “I dunno – three Purple Hearts – no blood – go figure?”   But two full generations of “socialized” young voters bought it – hook, line, and sinker.

Almost immediately after 9/11 rose the creeping scourge of the 9/11 Truthers.  Fragmented at first they came together to haunt almost every public gathering.  Much like the people who believe the Air Force is covering up the Roswell crash of a UFO,  they were telling the story of “an inside job” as the only explanation of how the Twin Towers were brought down.  For awhile it seemed their public spokeswoman was Rosie O’Donnell.  I have often wondered if their obnoxious claims and public behavior was a setup to numb mainstream America into avoiding close scrutiny of the Kenyan Contender – BHO, Jr. “of Hawaii”.  Certainly it worked in part, and where it didn’t – any attempt to question ANY of Obama’s credentials were branded “RACIST!

Today – barely seventeen months into the Obama Era – only the left-wing ideologues are still holding firm to their MEssiah.  Lifetime Democrats – the old-fashioned American kind – are switching parties and supporting TEA Parties and Republicans who promise to honor our Constitution.  The first disaffected group was the Gay community.  They thought that O would quickly overturn DADT.  Instead he went and bowed to the Wahhabi King of Saudi Arabia – the Guardian of Mecca and Medina.  You can’t be a good Muslim and let gays prance in the barracks.  It was a clue that those years attending Reverend Wright’s Trinity United Church was a smoke screen.  Score another asterisk(*).

Democrat or Socialist? 

 Eligible or ineligible? 

  Patriotic American or America-hater? 

   Wicked smart or wicked cunning? 

    His own man or a George Soros martinet?  

     Heterosexual man’s man or gay? 

      Christian or Muslim? 

       One of us or a Trojan Horse? 

        Environmentally conscious or opportunistic user of an oil spill?   

         Serious president or golfing party boy? 

         A man honoring his oath to our Constitution, or a man determined to work around and ignore the Constitution?

Americans were entitled to a better deal from the get-go!  Seventeen months into this pResidency there should NOT be so many questions!  Americans understand one thing today:  it is no longer “racist” to ask questions and demand answers.

I’m old enough to know that in the end we’ll get some of our answers.  This narcissist is too full of himself not to continue revealing little clues along the way.  Whether we run him out of office in 2012 – or impeach him sooner, we will learn some of the truth. 

He is such a collection of layered lies and cover-ups that even he probably can no longer grasp the real truth.  There is some chance of a mental breakdown – and that will give us yet another asterisk(*) for our history books.

America, you better sweep all those Democrats, Progressives, and<

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