Obama Stands On Dead Syrian Children

Posted September 10th, 2013 by Iron Mike

He’ll start a shooting war with Syria [plus maybe Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, and China ]
                                                  …all to cover up his criminal acts in Benghazi last year.
Dead Children Speech  10 Sep 2013
Mister Obama, – if you really care, – if you really want to save children,start saving American children – including the ones killed by your good friends and campaign donors at Planned Parenthood, and the kids murdered by other kids on the streets of Chicago – and every other big city!

Firing Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria won’t save any lives.Abortion Chart 

But you could save kids TODAY by defunding our domestic baby killers.

And until you do,  you’re just a lying hypocrite, –  with blood on your hands!

2 Responses to “Obama Stands On Dead Syrian Children”

  1. Tom

    Our constitutional lawyer and smartest guy in the room continues to say we are a ‘constitutional democracy’ when we are a Republic!

  2. Casey Chapman

    Supposedly a Representative Republic, although the term representative has to be taken with a grain of salt, if you get my drift.
    Obama would be better off not shooting at anyone.