Obama Says War On Terror Over!

Posted May 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Did we win?  Does anybody believe this serial liar?
War Over

Obama gave a speech yesterday – to shift attention from the growing scandals surrounding his office – at the National Defense University.  There he essentially claimed that since there been ‘no large-scale attack‘ on our homeland since 9/11 – the war is over and we need to move on

Move on with WHAT Mister pResident?  Your socialist agenda?

If the Fort Hood attack13 slaughtered and 30 wounded – doesn’t qualify as a ‘large scale attack,…

– would the Boston Marathon bombing – with 4 dead and 264 wounded ~ just possibly ~ be considered ‘large-scale’?

Barry, did you hear about Drummer Rigby?  Have you heard about what’s going on in Stockholm this past week?  Did you even know that our State Department issued a travel advisory?
Stockholm Burning

Americans, you need to grasp an ugly truth:  this undocumented president is all about two things, – himself, – and his anti-colonial socialist wealth redistribution agenda.

He never intended to honor his Oath of Office – which is precisely why he flubbed it three (3) times.

He may not be the real leader or the architect in this effort to undermine, bankrupt, and destroy our country…. 

Perhaps Soros and Valerie Jarrett are…, but he is ‘all in’ in the plot, – a willing, even eager co-conspirator.  It’s the narcissist in him which makes him such a willing traitor.

Because this man has and will continue to be our president – Americans and westerners – and even uninvolved Muslims – will continue to die in ever greater numbers.

This fool willingly ignores a 1400-year never-ending war between the barbarism of Islam and both Western and Eastern civilizations…  Now he asserts that in his superior wisdom we cannot stay on a war footing, – we must move on…

When we needed to be strong – with a determined patriot as our leader – the voters gave us limp-wristed weakness and an anti-American fraud….  Hillary will be even worse….

7 Responses to “Obama Says War On Terror Over!”

  1. Varvara

    The fires in Stockholm, like the fires in Paris, that went on for years, typically last 5-7 days. The government gives in and gives more ‘goodies’ to the very upset, new people in the country.

    As for Drummer Rigby, let’s all pray that the government of Britain does not take years to punish these killers, like our Fort Hood mess.

    No, this war on terror is not over; it will last many more years.

    Have I mentioned that Hillary and Valerie are my favorite women role models and I hope when I grow up to be just like them?

  2. Varvara

    You all realize that H&V was a joke………….

  3. Walter Knight

    Sweden. Where to begin?

    Sweden has embraced every liberal cause since the Vietnam War. Welcoming idiots into their country is a national pastime. Debate from conservatives is not allowed.

    Well, now they’re paying for diversity and liberal compassion with a large immigrant and home-grown population demanding their free stuff. Will a backlash from the right finally come? It’s starting.

    You can look at other countries to see possible futures for America. As socialist countries fail, it’s possible for even Democrats to see the warning signs. Maybe not.

    Some conservatives claim only a revolution can take our country back. I always respond that’s not practical. It won’t happen. But if it does, you will see the revolution ravage Europe first in places like Greece, Spain, Itally, France, Germany, and even Sweden.

  4. Walter Knight

    Yo Varvara:

    There’s no need to apologize for humor. We get it. If someone is wound so tight they can’t laugh at fools, that’s their problem.

    Keep the faith.

  5. Walter Knight

    The War on Terror is over?

    The real issue is power, and who wields it. Obama has enjoyed limited war-time powers, but as his Administration comes to a close, the uncertainty of a possible Republican Administration scares liberals. Repubicans in charge of the military, fighting terrorism worldwide? What if we actually tried to win a war? No way that can be allowed.

    So, Obama will try to close Gitmo, and restrict which terrorist our military is allowed to go after. The War on Terrorism will go back to being a police matter, or a case of workplace violence.

  6. Kojack

    Obysmal is not just ignoring the Muslim problem, he is intentionally downplaying it and by supporting his father’s Wahhabi Muslim family in Kenya he is actively CONTRIBUTING to it!

    For more info on this INSIDIOUS agenda go to SHOEBAT.COM or WRKO.COM and listen to the 5/24 interview Jeff Kuhner had with Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim Brotherhood member who converted to Christianity. I learned a lot just from the interview and it is CHILLING!!!


  7. Blossom Stiefel

    Granted access to the highest levels of government, Muslims now help shape Obama’s new anti American national security policies. The Muslim Brotherhood’s main objective is universal Islam under Sharia Law, and prescribes death to infidels who do not convert to Islam. The destruction of this nation from within is sadly becoming a reality. We see a rejection of the moral principles and system of government that have made this the greatest nation in the history of the world. If we don’t soon turn things around, we will lose the America we love.