Obama Retreats From ISIS Terrorists!

Posted March 21st, 2015 by Iron Mike

Boastful Lying Bastard called them “The Junior Varsity”.Obama runs out of Yemen
Today they’ve run our military out of Yemen, – just 194 days since he was telling us what a ‘success story’ Yemen was,  – because he is so much smarter than Bush!

September 10th 2014 Obama: “Yemen is a model of success”

March 21st 2015      US is pulling all troops out of Yemen

Imagine yourself as the leader of ANY nation threatened by either Islamists, Vladimir Putin, or the Red Chinese….

Could you count on the United States today to come help you?

America’s Pussycrats are happy to see us acting powerless in the face of evil.

Like the Pussycrats 100 years ago they’ll tell you ‘…it’s none of our business…’ They’ve already forgotten 9/11,…and some of those skunks actually think we had it coming to us….

And Obama the Pussycrat-in-Chief wants you to believe he’s smart enough to negotiate a nuclear arms deal with the Twelvers of Iran?

If you don’t feel like you’re living in the early days of World War Three…

  – you’ve clearly NEVER studied History!

3 Responses to “Obama Retreats From ISIS Terrorists!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    FYI, Yemen is about twice the size of Wyoming or if overlayed it would cover New England and half of New York State. For the US to abandon Yemen, not only diplomatically and now militarily, must raise the red flag to the other Gulf States and especially Saudi Arabia. ISIS will continue their maraude and which country will be next to be abandoned by the Obama regime? Who is more dangerous ISIS or Obama? From a purely selfish standpoint I choose Obama as the world’s most dangerous man who left unchecked will surely plunge us into WWIII.

  2. Mark

    If oBama was out to dismantle our borders and destroy our nation, it would all make sense. I agree with Tom. He just may be the worlds most dangerous man.

  3. Muriel

    Is there any real doubt in the minds of thinking Americans…….unless you are part and parcel of our elected government and its employees?