Obama Rebuffs Texas Governor

Posted August 11th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Obama went looking for Democratic Campaign $$ yesterday in Austin,  Texas.  There were a couple of big fundraisers, and in between, an “official”  pResidential speech at the University of Texas [Longhorns] about higher education.  That speech allowed you to pick up the air fair. 

Awaiting Obama’s arrival at Austin-Bergstrom was Texas Governor Rick Perry – who had a letter for Obama asking for real federal help with illegal immigration, border violence, and drug smuggling. 

Obama despises Perry, could barely bring himself to shake hands, pushed the letter off into the hands of traveling sweetheart Valerie Jarrett, and walked on to the limo.

 “Clearly, I would have preferred a more in-depth exchange of ideas, but at least I know that this latest letter actually made it to him, and didn’t get stuck in those slow-moving gears of government,” Perry later said. “I sincerely hope he will take the time to read it, because the growing crisis along our southern border cannot be overlooked any longer.”

At the Four Seasons luncheon, Obama hauled in a cool $1 Million.  Later at the home of Russell and Dorothy Budd in Highland Park there was more loot.  The day’s total was $1.6 Million for endangered Democrats.


The speech at U.Texas featured enough adoring moonbat youth to momentarily satisfy the burning narcissism on Obummer.  As long as it’s all about HIM, he is a happy dictator.  Republicans and the TEA Parties should note this however, there are still a LOT of gullible Kool-Aid drinkers out there who absolutely adore their man-god.

Obama was accompanied by his BFFs – his ever-ready teleprompters – and offered his usual jabs at George Bush – blaming him on the “mess he’d inherited on that cold day in January”. 

Barry, you have no idea how much some of us are looking forward to another “cold day in January”!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

You can see the letter hand-off at 10 – 25 seconds into this video.

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