Obama Re-Writes History Of Kosovo

Posted March 27th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Mind-boggling revisionist history?  Or just plain ignorant?

Our Speech-Giver-in-Chief made another boner Wednesday in Brussels – where he claimed the creation of Kosovo [a break-away state of Serbia] came after a UN supervised vote. 

Was he always this stupid, – or has he been taking lessons from Biden?

Maybe Obama is used to fooling Americans [who generally don’t know History ] – but Europeans live and breathe History.  He is making a huge fool out of himself.

One Response to “Obama Re-Writes History Of Kosovo”

  1. Walter Knight

    Obama is great at reading a teleprompter. As he reads the Teleprompter it appears he’s speaking right to you. The speech comes off great with his little smiles and personal touches of humor, empathy, and knowledge.

    But, it’s fake. Occasionally a TV camera is positioned to the side so that people can see the teleprompter as Obama gives his folksy speech. It’s all fake, even the side comments and quips.

    I don’t care if he got Kosovo wrong. He doesn’t know what he’s saying most of the time anyway, other than he hates the Tea Party and Fox News. It’s all about the photo-op and the people props behind him.