Obama Promotes Another Underpowered General

Posted July 18th, 2014 by Iron Mike

I don’t give a f**k if some of you call me old-fashioned or even sexist, this is just wrong!LtGen Robinson

Air Force LtGen Robinson is yet another in a series of under-qualified / unqualified and inexperienced women Obama is putting in charge of America’s defenses.

He is certainly delivering on promises made to his liberal supporters – and maybe on promises he’s made in secret to the Chinese and Russians,

– but he is most assuredly WEAKENING our military, – and putting our allies on notice that we cannot possibly lift a finger to help them.

Lori Robinson – LtGen Lori Robinson – may be a perfectly nice lady – and a competent desk jockey. Her career has been mostly a training officer and a political officer.

She has NEVER commanded troops in combat. She’s NEVER had to make life-and-death decisions in the heat and fog of war.

Now she is our first line of defense against the Chinese and the NorKs, and even the pirates operating in Indonesian waters?

Only under Obama

Damn-it, I don’t care who calls me a ‘sexist’ – or who dismisses my objections as being old fashioned. You wouldn’t let an unqualified and inexperienced doctor operate on you kid’s brain, – why would we put an unqualified and inexperienced 4-Star “general” in charge of the entire Pacific Ocean?

Unless,….Obama was signaling retreat…?

We have Generals – Army, Marines, and Air Force – who have been in COMBAT, – who have had to make split-second decisions on incomplete information and gut instinct, – and who live daily with those nightmares. One of them should have been elevated, – not another token woman who lacks those key credentials and experience!

If LtGen Robinson had honor – she would be the first to see that – and turn the job down. But maybe she wants to be another “First”, and maybe she has higher ambitions…

Can’t help but notice – somebody is running around our military services [and the Air Force] decorating non-combat types with ribbons like they were Christmas trees. Which medals are for perfect attendance?

What’s next?

next 4-star

I dread the thought – but if Obama could find a gay general with a nipple ring and a transgendered husband, he’d probably hand him Central Command.  The Arabs would be very impressed….

What the hell are we supposed to tell our brave and worthy officers as they move up?

“Hang in there Clyde, – you’re next in line, – right after the Eskimo, – the lesbian, – and the transgendered cross-dresser, – oh, and the wheelchair-bound notary public…

…because it’s important that everybody get a chance to wear 4 stars!”

Come February 2017, our next president is going to have a LOT of damage to repair – quickly. I sure hope Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan are still around.

UPDATE:    Friday, 18 March 2016   In Obama’s continued efforts to weaken and pussify our military, Robinson is now rumored to be under consideration to become the first woman to head a Combatant Command – NORCOM.

Our next president will have some major work to do to rebuild troop confidence in our military leadership.

Lori Robinson to NORTHCOM

One Response to “Obama Promotes Another Underpowered General”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Another meteoric rise from Colonel to four star in 12 years, that’s a little unusual. Now we are not only diversifying and decimation our flag officer corps we are decimating the lower ranks as well, with pink slips on the battlefield to the lowest manned Army and Marine Corps since before WW II and the smallest Navy since before WW II, the Air Force at its lowest lowest levels as well. We have a shooting war in Afghanistan and Gaza. There are other very hot spots in The Ukraine, Irag, Syria, Nigeria, Libya, Somali and the Sudan and we are pussifying our command staff are decimating our military. Is this part of the fundamental change?