Obama Plays A Race Card

Posted June 15th, 2012 by Iron Mike

First he implements Secure CommunitiesOVER the objections of liberal governors like Duh-val Patrick.

In an election year it makes him look tough on crime, and ~ maybe ~ tough on illegals living here.

But it was just a head-fake. Wisconsin shook up the Cartel. Their own exit polling must have terrified them.

So today, just a month after Secure Communities was rolled out statewide here,  he granted ‘immunity’ to all illegals brought here as children. They can stay. That should help build his Hispanic/Latino support base?

Liberals and one-world socialists will be thrilled! This is what they wanted him to do on Day One. It will shore up his flagging base.

But they should try to see through the ploy. It’s not about ‘fairness’ – it’s about winning re-election.

This hurts Blacks, badly – particularly young inner-city Blacks. I’ll explain below.

AND BTW: what I’m saying here is NOT racist – not even close.  Look up the numbers, consider the facts, punch your own calculator – and try to understand the truth. After doing that – if you still think I’m racist – post a comment.

Obama no longer cares. He never intended to ‘uplift blacks’ – he simply used their cause and their hopes to get himself elected.

Historians may argue for 200 years about if he ever intended to deliver.  Simple truth is that he has failed – miserably. Black unemployment nearly doubled – and stays there.

Obama seems singularly disinterested in fixing it, has not lifted a visible finger to even attempt it; even as his wife and daughters lived and vacationed like royalty. Obama likes being in the upper class.

But he knows that across the nation his black support is draining away. Those $5.oo donations aren’t coming in, there is little enthusiasm, and you can hardly find an Obama 2012 bumper sticker on the highway.

Obama desperately needs something to replace his 2008 Black Voters. Today’s amnesty announcement tacitly admits he knows those votes are history. They’ll stay home on Election Day, so he can afford to piss them off a little more.

The Plan:

Today’s ‘mini-Dream Act’ is a pitch for the Hispanic/Latino voters.

Mind you – this isn’t Obama’s plan – he’s merely the puppet. Having reject his White half, and decried that he wasn’t black enough – he has pretty much rejected an association with any race or group. He is a man alone with himself – and his devils.

So the Cartel will watch the press, the polls, and the actions in the streets. They have until September to judge if this makes a big enough difference.

The test will be voter turnout in the September primaries.

If that turnout is shaky – the next step will be to grant these 800,000 – and likely their extended families instant citizenship – complete with voting rights. There would be plenty of time for them to register and be eligible to vote in November.

[Documentation? Proof of birth? Proof of name? Proof of address? Don’t even think about it!]

If he needs them to, many of these 800,000 and their families will register to vote Uptown, Downtown, Crosstown, and Outtatown. They already have the multiple IDs they’ll need. 800,000 translates quickly to between 7 – 10,000,000 votes on November 6th.

All those dead Floridians that Eric Holder want kept on the rolls will magically rise up and vote. How DARE you ask a person for their ID? You racist! Jimmy Carter will be beaming.

Now you know why other countries use purple ink!

All of this appeals mightily to that group of hard-core one-world socialists who carry a life-long grudge against ‘White Imperialist America’. This would be the beginning of the Day of Reckoning they have longed for.

Obama Just Sold Out A Generation Of Blacks.

And he doesn’t care.

Other than some conspicuous and controversial appointments – Holder, Van Jones, Jarrett, Solis, Salazar, Chu, and Shinseki, – Obama doesn’t care about race.

He has done nothing to uplift Blacks. Quite the opposite, his economic warfare on business and industry has almost totally dried up job opportunity for poor and inner-city black youth.

Today there are 2,482,000 unemployed blacks. They are American Citizens.

Now this amnesty. It won’t just allow Mexican immigrant kids to go to college free of deportation worries, – it will allow them to openly apply for jobs.

800,000 entry level jobs have just been snatched away from black kids.

Think about it, – – you need to hire one young person. You have two applicants, Jimal, and Juan.  Juan speaks Spanish and reasonable English [not Ebonics], reads and writes in two languages, and still lives with both parents in a stable household.

State and local governments and businesses will be able to satisfy their minority goals and quotas with bi-lingual workers. 

The result will be visible within months. As more young blacks realize the hopelessness of their new situation – brought on by their ‘first Black president’ there will be despair, anger, violence, drugs, youthful motherhood, and more young blacks dead on the street or headed to jail for lengthy sentences.

Obama has with the stroke of his pen subjected inner-city blacks to another generation of subservience to welfare checks and the Democratic Party.
Welcome to ‘Change 2012’! We warned you!

Legacy and Dynasty!
Unintended Consequences Be Damned!

It is both odd and ironic, but for a guy who doesn’t much like anybody, the narcissist in Obama is concerned with his legacy. I suspect he sees himself as a 21st Century Lenin, Mao, or Mandela.

He’ll do anything – break any laws – have anybody killed – to achieve his ends.

One of those is to ensure that the hated Clintons never again have any political power. So you ~ may ~ see an effort to overturn the 22nd Amendment.

More probable is for Princess Michelle to pull a ‘Hillary’.

She may look for a state from which to run for the US Senate in 2014. Massachusetts could work out just fine – simply appoint Lurch as SecState while simultaneously having Hillary Obamacided, Ron Browned, or Scooter Libbyed.

And liberal MassHoles are just liberal enough and stupid enough to fall for it. I mean, just look at the lying phony piece of fake Cherokee squaw they’re running for the senate this time.

Senator Michelle would thus be well-positioned to ‘continue the dynasty’. She would have the full support of Soros, – and she’d be able to do it without a teleprompter.

+ + + + + + +
Anybody out there think Obama made America better, stronger, or freer today?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Here is Obama at his announcement today – getting the first pushback from a reporter. Think the ‘Press” will finally wake up…?  ¡Ay, caramba!

3 Responses to “Obama Plays A Race Card”

  1. Walter Knight

    What? No one is getting any free stuff? Damn!

  2. Edward Peters

    Is Grover Norquist gay? they are saying that he probably is at blackjesus2042.blogspot.com

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    President Obama has circumvented Congress and usurped their authority once again. He needed legislative approval to push through this Dream Act. This arrogant act is a breach of faith with the American people. This President blatantly ignores the rule of law that is the foundation of our democracy. This is unfair to millions of Americans out of work and very unfair to those who came to our country legally. This President is a danger to the American people, our Constitution and our way of life.