Obama Planning A Secret Ceremony?

Posted December 8th, 2012 by Iron Mike

A dark possibility rears it’s head. What’s really going on?
Reports surface…Obama plans to be sworn into his 2nd term in a private White House Ceremony…  Why?

Two distinct possibilities, one funny, one sinister:

Remember four years ago – that beautiful crisp morning – the crowd estimated at over 1.8 million euphoric people gathered to see history made?

Remember that Obama muffed his oath…?  Remember the quiet White House do-over that afternoon,  where ~ somehow ~ he muffed it again?  Was it a clue?

Fast forward to December 2012.  Obama narrowly wins a second term, but Washington DC hotels report no rush of bookings for his second inauguration.

What’s going on? There is no crisis or emergency requiring a quick, private ceremony as there was in 1963 and 1974.

Buyer’s remorse,…high unemployment,…new higher taxes kicking in,…the thrill no longer running up Chris’s leg?


The Cartel already knows that they’ll be looking at a paltry crowd come Sunday, Jan 20th – a quiet, unenthusiastic crowd. 

They want to avoid any THEN and NOW photo comparisons.  Mustn’t embarrass the dictator – who was already suffering DCS [diminished crowd syndrome] during the campaign.  Spin it as ‘an exercise in presidential frugality’.


If…IF…Obama really is a Muslim, he is prevented by the teachings from swearing any oath but to Allah…  That would quickly explain the two muffed oaths four years ago.

NOTE: In my life I have sworn in literally hundreds of soldiers and officers.  I’m sure a few were nervous – you can be damned sure if I swore them in they fully  understood the gravity of their Oath before I administered it.


So, how could Obama muff it  – TWICE – on the same day?  Unless it was intentional.

A private ceremony in the White House – perhaps using the Qur’an – with NO PRESS in attendance – gives him the opportunity to avoid the charade.

And after knuckling to Obama’s blackmail and issuing his ObamaCare ‘it’s a tax – therefore legal’ decision, Judge Roberts has become Obama’s whore for the rest of his tenure.

Our Young Republic and our citizens are already badly screwed by Obama’s re-election. 

We already know things are going to get much worse over these next four years – as he runs amok, – appoints inept sycophants to high office, – attacks and taxes those hated rich people, – and tries to remake our nation and our culture to his liking.

We know that lurking in wait for 2016 are two even worse specters – his wife Michelle, and Hillary Clinton

Given the entitlement mindset of 50.1% of the voters,…we could be looking at 16 or more years under increasing socialism and UN encroachment into our lives.

The next 42 days will be very telling.  Brace yourselves….

3 Responses to “Obama Planning A Secret Ceremony?”

  1. Tom

    There is also a third that could well be associated with the first. There is a large Tea Party demonstration planned for January 21st, Innaguration Day. This could also be very embarrassing, if this man can be embarrassed.

  2. Walter Knight

    If it’s the Muslim oath thing, and not fear of teleprompter malfuction, it just gets more weird.

  3. Visitor

    You are out of touch… maybe he just doesn’t want to make a big deal out of something that would cost taxpayer money to perform in front of millions outside… you’re really over thinking this.

    I’m a conservative, you are an extremely nice person, as I have met you on multiple occasions, yet you are simply over thinking a non-issue

    – – – – –

    Hello Visitor! And Merry Christmas!

    Any OTHER democrat – say LBJ, Carter, even Clinton, – I ~ might ~ believe they were trying to save us money…

    Not THIS Narcissist….!

    TY for your personal remark. There are many hereabouts who might not share your opinion…