Obama Moving To Dictator Status!

Posted April 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

As if he’s been taking lessons from Mussolini, Hitler, and Hugo Chavez,  Obama is rapidly moving to acquire dictatorial powers over all sectors of the US economy.  Most Americans don’t pay much attention to Wall Street and Big Banks.  They are only vaguely aware of the day-to-day movement of the stock markets,  the money supply,  and bond and credit ratings.  So Obama can be pretty open about what he’s doing – he knows most of you aren’t watching.

A new bill – H.R. 4173 – has already passed in the House.  It purports to give the President nearly unchecked executive power over any financial institution.  He can set rules and regulations for them, fine them, change their rules, tell them who they can do business with, who they can and cannot lend money to, fire executives, take them over, sell them, strip stockholders of their stock, even shut them down. 

The recent targeting of Goldman Sachs is a clear indication of how quickly Obama is moving.  You’re not supposed to know [or care] that he took $994,795 of their money in campaign contributions.   Then he bailed them out.   Then he “screamed foul” when they and other banks and institutions rewarded their VPs with big bonuses. 

Now that ObamaCare is signed into law, they’re next.  He’s turning on them.  [BTW, who is your 401K with?

Mind you – this has already passed in the Obama RubberStamp Congress.  Having taken over 1/7th of the US Economy with ObamaCare,  – now he is set to take over all financial transactions.

And remember when your Democrat / Progressive friends and family members scoffed and mocked you when you said Obama is a socialist? 

Obama is having the last laugh.  He is a socialist, and he is taking over the government, the economy, and very soon your entire way of life.  What kind of car you’re allowed to own, how far you can drive it, the appliances and insulation in your home, who your doctor is, what your doctor is allowed to do for you, what kinds of food you eat, how much salt is in it, how much money you have and where and how you can save any of it, – all to be dictated by Obama and his socialist Chicago goons. 

And your kids and grandkids going to college?  Forgetaboutit!   Obama will decide which kids go to college, – and how much you’ll pay to send them there.   Look for colleges to be forced to hire a LOT of Muslim professors in the next few years.  Jewish professors need not apply.  Traditional religious colleges and universities will probably be branded “institutions of hate”, and told to change.  Let’s build some minarets and install mullahs at Notre Dame, Boston College, Holy Cross, and BYU!

Remember, Obama promised to “fundamentally change America”.   He’s making good!   He’s changing us into his vision of a Muslim socialist society. 

Your one-and-only chance to stop him comes in 194 days – on November 2nd!   He knows this and intends to get a big jump during those same 194 days.

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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