Obama Makes Spy’s Lover US Ambassador

Posted August 20th, 2010 by Iron Mike
The Mistress

Obama just loves being IN YOUR FACE!  While heading to Martha’s Vineyard for his 11th vacation, he has made a recess appointment of La Raza activist [and former mistress to a Cuban spy] Maria del Carmen Aponte to be the next US Ambassador to El Salvador. 

Our undocumented worker first nominated her in December.  But several Republican senators put a hold on the appointment wanting to know more about her relationship with Cuban spy Roberto Tamayo. 

These Dems [aka Socialists] are pretty persistent in appointing their party hacks to key spots [which come with nifty lifetime pensions].  Maria was first nominated in 1998 by Bubba Clinton to be Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, – but the spy boyfriend thing surfaced then, and she withdrew. 

La Raza means “the Race” in Spanish.  In its founding documents is a call againstthe brutal gringo invasion of our territories”.  In other words, La Raza members believe that our southwest American states – Texas, NM, Arizona, California, Nevada, etc – belong to THEM!  Maria was an early supporter of Obama.  He rewarded her with $150,000 of “Stimulus” money – your money – into La Raza’s bank account. 

Obama is a firm believer in and supporter of La Raza.  Immediately after his election he appointed pro-amnesty La Raza VP Cecilia Muñoz to his White House Staff.  Cecilia has a history of making anti-white / anti-American statements, – in other words, a perfect fit in the Obama White House. 

So now – until at least late January 2013 – we will have a pro-illegal immigration activist as US Ambassador to El Salvador – a country which already pipelines a flood of illegals into the USA. 

Ms. Aponte is not a diplomat, nor is she even diplomatic.  She is a hard-line activist for an anti-American cause.  Is it any wonder that our former allies are deserting us?  Our next US President – our next real one – will have enormous repair work to do – starting on November 7th, 2012 – even before he takes office.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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