Obama-Lover Gets Government Job!

Posted September 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

He spent over 7 years brainwashing you. Now he’ll be John Kerry’s State Department PR guy. TIME's Strengle Loves Obama

Richard Stengel spent the last seven years as top Editor at Time Magazine– picking Obama as ‘Person of the Year’. He worked hard to shape public opinion – none of that old-fashioned honest journalism for him!

Now – with Time’s revenue and circulation [3.2 mil] dwindling – his new job will be UnderSecState for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, i.e. Kerry’s other script-writer…

2 Responses to “Obama-Lover Gets Government Job!”

  1. Tom

    No doubt there was a national search to fill this position.

  2. Casey Chapman

    My only question is: How many millions of dollars did this guy donate to the Democratic National Committee????? That seems to be the only qualification for federal government work these days.