Obama – “Like A Spoiled Child!”

Posted June 26th, 2012 by Iron Mike

We agree fully with Arizona Senate President Steve PierceObama is acting like the worst spoiled child we ever saw.

No sooner had the Supreme Court issued it’s ruling on SB1070 Monday morning – Obama had his Homeland Security Lesbian issue an order revoking cooperation of ICE under 287(g).

Try to remember that Napolitano is the former governor of Arizona.

She should have some sympathy toward the plight of the state – which is inundated with illegals, with drug smuggling and cartel murders and kidnappings. But nooo….

She is in many ways a perfect partner-in-crime for the narcissistic Obama.

She is agenda-driven, loyal, a worthy actress, and utterly devoid of ethics.

She has remained steadfast and emotionless throughout the ongoing saga of illegal immigrants pouring across the Arizona border.

She has turned a blind eye to drug smuggling.

She was a willing co-conspirator in the conception and execution of Fast-and-Furious – the Obama cartel’s effort to foment a war in northern Mexico between drug cartels – by supplying them with thousands of untraceable weapons.

Throughout the 2008 presidential race people were reluctant to examine the life, the writings, or the words of Barack Obama – for fear of being branded a RACIST.

Today, with our economy in shambles, – with our position of world power visibly in a rapid decline [China and Islamic Fascism rising], and our country being overrun by illegals, – it’s abundantly clear to any thinking person what the Obama-Holder-Napolitano game plan is.

It is to drastically weaken the USA, – to dilute our voter base with hostile foreigners,  and to reduce white Christian Americans to a subservient minority in our own country.

So far, they’re succeeding.

With barely 20 weeks until the November 6th election, American patriots in EVERY STATE better start asking congressional and senate candidates some tough questions about their intentions.

“Do you intend to preserve,
uphold and defend our Constitution
against all enemies – foreign or domestic?”

If the one-borderless-world socialists win this November, the country you have known will quickly and gleefully be flushed down the toilet of history.

America will be remembered in the future as ‘that evil colonial power whose people became so lazy they refused to resist being overrun’.

Your children and grandchildren will be dragged into a new world as dangerous as anything in the Middle East or Northern Mexico.

And you will go to your grave knowing that back when you could have stopped it, – you did nothing!

So get off your ass – and get in the face of your congressional candidates. Find out what they understand, what they believe, and what they’re made of!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Obama – “Like A Spoiled Child!””


    She was a lousy governor.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    If the Congress and the GOP candidate, had any nerve, they would cite the President and all of his complicit cabinet memebers for not upholding their oath to preserve,uphold and defend our Constitution against all enemies – foreign or domestic.

  3. Kelly Curran

    ‘This president'( as John Kerry used to refer to G.W. Bush), disgusts me. Our government is completely out of control, and out of touch. Obama is running amok and there is no one, with the exeption of Rep. Darryl Issa, holding him accountable. I hope they get to the truth, because it is pretty evident they are hiding something. That something, I will bet, is documentation and evidence showing that the president knew all about Operation Fast and Furious from the get go, when he repeatedly told the American public, he knew nothing. And where is Boehner…at the tanning booth….


  4. Prim

    You can’t tell me they didn’t have a heads-up on what the Justices ruling was going to be. This administration can’t do anything this quickly. Obama’s new hotline to rat out any cop who does their job. Not only does law enforcement have a target on their backs courtesy of the drug cartels, but now by “minus Zero’s” administration as well.

    This administration reminds me of a 3 year old bratty child who doesn’t get their way – throwing themselves around and having a trantrum.