Obama Leaves Behind Weakened Military

Posted January 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Chicago Community Organizer – who was so much more clever than Bush,  – is departing office with an unearned medal,….leaving our Country’s Military in a far weaker posture than when he came into office 8 years ago….

Projecting power and deterring adventurism was never part of Obama’s agenda for the United States.  He came blaming white colonial America for the world’s problems,  – and saw almost everything in terms of race, gender, and historical inequality.

So the man who never wore a uniform,  never marched a mile or carried a rifle;  – but who was surely smarter than George Bush,  – set about to reconfigure our military  – as he withdrew from Iraq and told the Taliban about his artificial withdrawal dates from Afghanistan.

And always – in the beginning – he used troops to backdrop his speeches.

Few Democrats understand military or naval science,  – and most have never studied warfare or history. Obama was typical, – and saw our armed forces as a perfect laboratory for his experiments in social engineering.

Bet your ASS he’s never read Clausewitz or Sun Tzu!

Among the things he’s tinkered with,  – done by executive order,  – or let rot by imperial neglect are the following:

Women Rangers

Women in Marine line infantry units

Women in submarines (of course men were court-martialed for taking pictures)

Engine falls of a B-52 – in flight

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter continually grounded

No aircraft carrier at sea for a week – first time since WWII

$4.4 Billion stealth destroyer breaks down in the Panama Canal, – and there is no ammo for her new guns….(the planned round cost $800,000 each)

Our new expensive Littoral Combat Ships keep breaking down.

Unqualified women generals and admirals promoted to very senior positions – based on sex and race….

Here’s one sure to frighten the growing Chinese Navy…

She seems just about the right size to run a navy with ships that can’t sail,  can’t launch aircraft,  – don’t have ammo,  – and are manned by sailors going through gender reassignment….

Our military leaders have been focused on drafting regulations to streamline gender reassignment surgery for transgender troops,…as if the security of the Free World depended upon it.

At some point a thinking American would have to ask:

“Exactly W-H-A-T did Obama do to deserve the medal Ash Carter pinned on him…?”

If you want to truly understand these past eight terrible years,  – just look at where Obama directed most of his attention……

.and the thugs that he always saw as ‘victims’ of white people.


Cared more about ransoming a deserter than he did about getting a real hero back out of a Mexican jail….

Wanna bet he pardons Bergdahl before January 20th?

6 Responses to “Obama Leaves Behind Weakened Military”

  1. Catherine

    1. What does “bohica” stand for?

    2. If the Navy doesn’t have ammo, can’t they conscript it from the Social Security Administration? The only reason I can see for the SSA to have purchased millions of rounds was to keep it out of civilian hands. 😉

  2. The old scout

    Iron Mike keep up the good work. Enjoyed the blog today!!! Hope you answered the boheica question!!!

  3. The old scout

    How embarrassing awarding himself a medal!!!! Talk about stroking your ego!!!!

  4. Hawk1776

    You forgot my favorite: “one of our biggest threats is global warming”. Obama has been an unmitigated disaster. It will take years just to get back to where we were eight years ago.

  5. 11-Bravo

    Mike, you are right on; I mean RIGHT ON, with Obongo’s appointing of unqualified Affirmative Action lesbians and other unqualified women to the highest positions in the military. I have many friends still on active duty who are warriors but who are completely disenchanted at the Kenyan dictator’s effeminization and dismantling or our once proud military. Check these out.



  6. Sonny's Mom

    Hi Catherine – BOHICA translates “bend over, here it comes again”. Here’s a link to a few all-time favorites: