Obama Learned Zilch From Professor Gates….

Posted November 28th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Nothing says “Incompetent Race-Baiter” like a pResident who makes snap judgments – before the facts are known,  – and blames “Weapons of War” for a crime committed by a human….
pResident DickHead
…and it’s hardly the first time his mouth went into instantaneous flapping mode

July 16th 2009 – Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley arrests a black suspect attempting to enter a dwelling.   The suspect had no ID,  but claimed to live there.  Then he claimed racism.

The next day Obama proclaimed the Cambridge Police ‘acted stupidly’,…but was forced to walk it all back when the facts became known.

racebaiting asshole

The suspect turned out to be Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates,  – who admitted he’d acted in a hostile manner to the police officers – who were responding to a 911 call.  Gates admitted that he’d refused to provide ID or any proof he was trying to enter his own residence….

Obama then tried to smooth things over with a Rose Garden “Beer Summit”.

Now, 6 long years and 4 long months later,  pResident Dick-Head is at it again,…issuing pronouncements before the facts are known.

Suspect in custody

Our Lecturer-in-Chief instinctively knows [his gifted enlightenment you know…] that if a shooting has occurred at a high-profile abortion clinic,  – that somehow a Gun is to BLAME….

And Americans twice trusted this dickhead with the nuclear trigger….

RIP Garrett SwaseyRIP:  Officer Garrett Swasey,  – who didn’t jump to conclusions.

You just jumped into action to assist your fellow officers and save lives.

Too damned bad you had to die saving people at an abortion clinic!

4 Responses to “Obama Learned Zilch From Professor Gates….”

  1. Varvara

    At the beer summit the only person who helped Prof. Gates down the stairs was Sgt. Crowley who had received many awards for his teaching of relations at schools. Later, while talking about the situation in Cambridge, Prof. Gates commented on what a nice young man Sgt. Crowley was. This was broadcast on WGBH. The house was owned by Harvard but the press/MSM all called it Prof. Gates’ home.

    Yes, that is Pres. 0bama, talking before thinking.
    SGT Crowley helps Prof Gates

  2. Robby G.

    Call me an asshole…

    I’d actually like to shake this guys hand. One murdering bastard killing others who make a living and profit from killing people? Sounds like an eye for an eye in my mind. You knew it was bound to happen at some point.

    Sympathy goes for the dead cop…its always the good ones that get shot and killed. The rest remain living so they can abuse their power and stomp on my constitutional rights.

    As for Planned Parenthood? ANYONE who works for a slaughterhouse like that deserves death in my view.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Often I’ve thought how good it would have been if the people who support abortion and work in abortion clinics had been aborted by their mothers…..

  4. Walter Knight

    I believe in equal opportunity for murderers to receive the death penalty. Too bad the police didn’t kill the suspect / asshole on the spot.